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the Spot Light #337  

d.d. Monday, February 20th, 2012  



  MOTHER MISERY - STANDING ALONE (LP-CD/TRANSUBSTANS)  The eleven tracks on the new album from Mother Misery are filled to the rim with heavy guitars and thundering bass. The strong in-your-face vocals produce strong powerful melodies with the attitude of a high speed desert death race. On CD and black and coloured vinyl.

  PANABRITE - SUB AQUATIC MEDITATION (LP/AGUIRRE)  Panabrite is the solo project of Seattle-based Norm Chambers. His first LP release, 'Sub Aquatic Meditation',  is an exciting record replete with underwater tunes. Panabrite works in the hazy, analogue-synth-laden zone between kosmische drift and new age waft. The outer space and the deep blue sea collide into two sides of spellbinding adventures, reminiscent to the early work of Oneohtrix Point Never, Jürgen Müller and Dolphins Into The Future. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl. Limited edition of 300 copies.

  PULSE EMITTER - AEONS (LP/AGUIRRE)  Pulse Emitter (a.k.a. Daryl Groetsch from Portland, Oregon) joins the Aguirre catalogue with a stunning new album full of clear cosmic tones for the new space age. A veteran of the noise scene of the mid 2000s, Pulse Emitter's music has returned to something more melodic and layered in recent years.

  BLACK RAINBOWS - SUPERMOTHAFUZZALICIOUS (2LP-CD/LONGFELLOWDEEDS)  The third album by the fine Italian heavy psych, stoner, rock'n'roll power trio. Their sound is a mixture of '70s acts s.a. MC5, Blue Cheer, Hawkwind, or Black Sabbath and hard '90s psych-stoner in the vein of Kyuss, Monster Magnet, Fu-Manchu, Qotsa and Nebula. The double LP's are pressed in limited quantities on green and pink vinyl. 

  BLACK RAINBOWS - CARMINA DIABOLO (2LP-CD/LONGFELLOWDEEDS)  On CD and limited double red vinyl, this is a set of gritty, groovy stoner rock. The guitars are dirty, distorted and rough around the edges. The music is topped off by a lead vocalist with a whiskey-drenched voice. Vinyl comes in gatefold sleeve.

64 DOLLAR QUESTION - SLAVES OF CHEMISTRY (CD/DESTRUCTURE)  The long awaited second full length by the melodic rock band from France. Here are ten new tracks for fans of Foo Fighters, The Bronx, Hot Water Music, Against Me...

  AUSSITOT MORT - NAGUKANIZSA (CD/DESTRUCTURE)  A new collection of songs by French post hardcore group Aussitôt Mort. The album sounds a bit darker and the songs are longer than on their previous outings.

TIRESIA RAPTUS - TIRESIA RAPTUS (LP/BLOODROCK)  An interesting release from Italy. The music is quite dark and draws on psychedelia, prog, doom, metal and wave. Seven tracks with hypnotic vocals.

  CEMENTERIO/MENTAT - SPLIT LP (LP/ODIO SONORO)  A split between two bands from Valencia. Mentat deliver two amazing cuts of post doom sludge, while Cementario sounds like Eyehategod playing with Discharge and Slayer in the scorching Spanish desert.

  EUCHARIST - MIRRORWORLDS (LP/WOLFSBANE)  For the first time on vinyl, it's the killer 1997 album by Eucharist, representing Swedish death metal at its best. This was their second and final album. 'Mirrorworlds' is a melodic album with dark and haunting melodies. Limited to 300 copies on 180 grams black vinyl. There also is an edition of 200 copies on clear vinyl, including a 7" bonus single. Housed in a heavy jacket with gold metal foil stamping.

VINDICATOR - THERE WILL BE BLOOD (LP/DOOMENTIA)  Vinyl issue of the impressive debut album from Cleveland's Vindicator. Originally self released in 2008, this will appeal to fans of Slayer, Megadeth and Sodom.

  HZERO - LA BARBARIE (LP/NO TOMORROW)  'La Barbarie' offers eight slices of hardcore punk under the influence of Black Flag, Negative Approach, Poison Idea and Cerebros Exprimidos .

  MIK QUANTIUS - KICK A BIT AGAINST THE SHIT (LP/TOZTIZOK ZOUNDZ)  The debut solo album from Mik Quantius. He started off in hardcore bands, then turned to the avant garde and played with musicians/acts s.a. Dave Nuss of the No Neck Blues Band and Sabbath Assembly, Kraut legends Embryo, Kuupuu, The Skaters, Stellar Om Source and Kemialliset Ystävät. For those who like these names this is a relevant title.

  SONNOV - HAY UNA LUZ (CD/ODIO SONORO)  The second album by Sonnov is, to put it short,  one of the best post rock albums ever recorded in Spain. For fans of Russian Circles, Mogwai, Explosions In The Sky, etc.

  FLYING EYES - ROCKPALAST CROSSROADS (DVD/WORLD IN SOUND)  Following two studio albums, here's an ultra cool DVD of Baltimore's superb heavy psych-blues quartet The Flying Eye's performance for the German cult TV show Rockpalast, 2011. Also includes an interview, a small unplugged session, a tour documentary and video clip.

  YOUTH AVOIDERS - TIME FLIES (7"/DESTRUCTURE)  A four track 7" EP from a Parisian/German combo. Their music can be described as fresh and urgent hardcore punk, with clean and vicious guitar sounds, a powerful rhythm section and punchy vocals.

  GABLÉ/EXHAUSTION - SPLIT 7" (7"/DESTRUCTURE)  A surprising paring of two very different bands covering each other's material. Gablé's music consists of a very personal blend of folk, pop and electronic music. Exhaustion operates in a style influenced by different punk and hardcore subgenres from crust, disbeat to more melodic stuff.



  VIBRAVOID - GRAVITY ZERO (LP/SULATRON)  The sixth album by Vibravoid once again is full of strong compositions, generously flavoured with exotic instruments including sitar, mellotron, stylophon and theremin, and spiced with a creative production.

  ROY & THE DEVIL'S MOTORCYCLE - TELL IT TO THE PEOPLE (LP-CD/VOODOO RHYTHM)  Roy & The Devil's Motorcycle were one of the very first bands on Voodoo Rhythm and they're still going strong. This album is their next fine offering of garage punk and primitive rock'n'roll, enriched with the depth of genuine blues. See the live section at the bottom of this newsletter for their planned Dutch and Belgian shows.

  ROY & THE DEVIL'S MOTORCYCLE - FORGOTTEN MILLION SELLERS (LP-CD/VOODOO RHYTHM)  New release of their exciting debut album, originally issued in 1997. If you missed it the first time, now's your chance!

  SEID - AMONG THE MONSTER FLOWERS AGAIN (LP/SULATRON)  Prior to the release of their forthcoming 2012 album, here's the first ever vinyl issue of their debut (originally on CD only) from 2002. Musically this ranges from mellow mushroom trippings to heavy psychedelic rock. Seid are from Trondheim, Norway, and share their rehearsal-room with Motorpsycho!

  ETT ROP PA HJALP - HUR SVART KAN DET VARA? (CD/TRANSUBSTANS)  The name of this band from Gothenburg means A Cry For Help. Their music is inspired by 70s hardrock à la November and Solid Ground, but at the same time there's a bluesy feel to the material. Some of the tracks are calm and dreamy, but there obviously also are plenty of forward smashers. Check it out! 

  HORNE OF THE RHINO - GRENGUS (CD/DOOMENTIA)  A very heavy release by a band from Bilbao. Though the musicians mention Bolt Thrower, Autopsy, Wino and Soundgraden as their influences, the style is difficult to pin down. 'Grengus' is their fourth release. Presented in a 3-panel digipack with 12-page booklet.

  WOUNDED KINGS - IN THE CHAPEL OF THE BLACK (CD-LP/I HATE RECORDS)  Featuring the dark and chilling vocals of Sharie Neyland along with one of the heaviest rhythm sections in South West England, 'In The Chapel Of The Black' is another excellent release from Wounded Kings. The vintage amplification, Hammond organ, Mellotron and choirs also are elements the fans have come to love and expect. The LP comes on black and coloured vinyl.

  DOCTOR CYCLOPS - BORGOFONDO (LP-CD/WORLD IN SOUND)  An authentic sounding album, influenced by 70s hardrock, NWOBHM and US west-coast blues. Featuring convincing vocals and wailing guitar solo's, Doctor Cyclops should appeal to fans of old bands s.a. Black Sabbath, Grand Funk Railroad and Blue Oyster Cult, as well as newer names including Graveyard, Witchcraft, or Cathedral. LP editions on black and coloured vinyl, and also on CD.

  SOLBLOT - FÖR MIG FINNS INGEN VÄG FRÅN HEMMETS DÖRR (LP-CD/HEIDRUNAR MYRKR)  Although Swedish folk band Solblot has only released one single so far, they already have a dedicated cult following. So it's high time for their debut long player. Their unique brand of neofolk is based on traditional Scandinavian folk and Swedish progressive rock, with addition of a subtle  experimental edge. Features Kim Larsen, Anne Eltard and Niels Ronne (all known from a.o. :Of The Wand and the Moon:) and others.  

TEATRO SATANICO - FATWA (CD/OLD EUROPA CAFE)  'Fatwa' offers ten uncompromising tracks with Italian, English and Latin lyrics. Expect post-industrial laptop-punk and Satanicka esotericka electronicka at its very very beAst! Well hidden inside the digipack folder come 4 full-colour pictures of astonishing oil-paintings by the well known Saturno Butto.

  FUNEBRARUM/UNDERGANG - DEAD OF WINTER (7"/DOOMENTIA)  Funebrarum had been waving the flag of real death-metal since 1999. They share this extremely heavy split 7" with Undergang, who are a young, promising bunch from Copenhagen. Two bands, two different styles, yet one common goal: taking death-metal back to its dirtiest, ugliest and most "fuck you" form.


  HENRY THOMAS - BULL DOZE BLUES (LP/MISSISSIPPI)  Twelve songs by amazing Texas blues songster Henry Thomas. Thomas recorded a couple dozen sides between 1927-29, often accompanying himself on the quills, a pan flute sounding instrument. Includes his classic tunes 'Fishing Blues', 'Railroadin' Some', 'Honey, Won't You Allow Me One More Chance', the beautiful gospel evergreen 'Jonah In The Wilderness' and many more.

  SUN ROCKETS - CRAZY RHYTHM ROLL/DIRTY NIGHT BLUES (7"/SLEAZY)  A super enjoyable 7" release of old rock'n'roll. The third song (featured on side 2) is 'Pick Up The Phone'. 



  DIE ZORROS - FUTURE (CD-LP-MC/VOODOO RHYTHM)  reviewed by Joost Jan Meertens for Planet Trash (translated excerpt)  ...a very enjoyable and surprisingly diverse record.

  SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT - REVELATION & MYSTERY (CD-LP/WORLD IN SOUND)  reviewed by Cosmicmasseur for ConcreteWeb (excerpt)  If you have enjoyed their first album, you will most likely welcome 'Revelation & Mystery' with open arms. 

  MONSTERS - POP UP YOURS (CD-LP/VOODOO RHYTHM)  reviewed by Ewie for FileUnder (translated excerpt)  Maybe not the most progressive record, but one that brings back the essence of rock'n'roll in 14 tracks.

  EXISTENCE OF HARVEY LORD - YOKE (CD/AUTUMN FERMENT)  reviewed by Henk Rijkenbarg for Heaven (translated excerpt) A wondrous CD, embedded in the rich history of British pop-folk-psych.

  STONE BREATH/MIKE SEED & THE LANGUAGE OF LIGHT - THE AETHERIC LAMP (CD/HAND/EYE)  reviewed by Henk Rijkenbarg for Heaven (translated ecerpt)  Timothy Renner once again showcases his unique talents.  reviewed by Jeanette Leech for Shindig! (excerpt)  I suggest working your way up to this via the earlier albums; and even if you're a confirmed fan, as I am, this takes a long while to sink in.

  MAGICFOLK - TALES OF POWER (CD/MAGICFOLK)  reviewed by Jeanette Leech for Shindig! (excerpt)  Considered musicianship, electric folk and pagan love combine for Magifolk's 'Tales Of Power'.

  VARIOUS - FRENCH REGGAE REVOLUTION (CD/SOULBEATS)  reviewed by Eddie Aarts for Heaven (translated excerpt)  Easy going riddims, based on the most accessible roots music, dominate here, bringing to mind acts s.a. Steel Pulse, Burning Spear or Alpha Blondy, in a pleasant way.


  EVOL - EVOL (LP-CD/GEARFAB)  reviewed by Erwin Zijleman for Dekrentenuitdepop (translated excerpt)  ...embrace the true spirit of the '60s and '70s with this beautiful and pleasant release from Evol.  reviewed by Richard Allen for Shindig! (excerpt)  ...reminiscent of US '70s rarities by Creme Soda and Top Drawer and if you are geeky enough to know those albums, you'll probably collect this kind of thing.

  APPLE - AN APPLE A DAY (LP/GUERSSEN)  reviewed by Richard Allen for Shindig (excerpt)  Despite their obscurity Apple's legacy is as necessary for any UK '60s collection as many major acts of the decade.

  PUSSY - INVASION (CD/ROCKADROME)  reviewed by Louis Comfort-Wiggett for Shindig! (excerpt)  Post-Jerusalem hard-rockers' unreleased album plus bonus tracks is a fucking revelation! British good-time cock-rock at its finest...


BRIMSTONE DAYS (TRANSUBSTANS)  February 23: Helmond, NL (Lakei) / February 24: Haarlem, NL (Café De Stiels) / February 25: Alkmaar, NL (Merves) / February 26: Schoorl, NL (Café Avond Bar) 

SPEEDBALL JR. (GREEN COOKIE)  February 25: Terneuzen, NL (De Pit) / March 17: Sittard, NL (Mustang Sally) / March 22: Gent, B (Charlatan) / April 28: Middelburg, NL (Kaffee 't Hof) 

SIENA ROOT (HEADSPIN, TRANSUBSTANS)  March 3: Zwolle, NL (Eureka) / March 4: Antwerp, B (Trix) 

AUTHORITIES (GET HIP)  March 3: Amsterdam, NL (OCCII) 

BRAT FARRAR (P. TRASH, OFF THE HIP)  March 22: Haarlem, NL (Patronaat) / March 23: Amsterdam, NL (Pacific Parc) 

LISA ISAAKSON/LISA O PIU (SUBLIMINAL SOUNDS)  March 31: Zwolle, NL (Papenstraattheater) t.b.c.

BIRCH BOOK (AHNSTERN)  March 31: Zwolle, NL (Papenstraattheater) t.b.c.


ROY & THE DEVIL'S MOTORCYCLE (VOODOO RHYTHM)  April 11: Tournai, B (t.b.a.) / April 20: Utrecht, NL (dB's)  

HORISONT (CRUSHER)  April 12: Tilburg, NL (013/Roadburn)

LORD VICAR (CHURCH WITHIN) April 12: Tilburg, NL (013/Roadburn)

SATURNALIA TEMPLE (THE AJNA OFFENSIVE)  April 12: Tilburg, NL (013/Roadburn)

SPIDERS (CRUSHER, DE:NIHIL)  April 12: Tilburg, NL (013/Roadburn)

ANEKDOTEN (VIRTA, MELLOTRONEN)  April 13: Tilburg, NL (013/Roadburn)

GNOD (BLACKEST RAINBOW, a.o.)  April 13: Tilburg, NL (013/Roadburn)

CHURCH OF MISERY (EMETIC, a.o.)  April 14: Tilburg, NL (013/Roadburn)

BONG (BLACKEST RAINBOW)  April 15: Tilburg, NL (013/Roadburn)

FLESHPRESS (SVART)  April 15: Tilburg, NL (013/Roadburn) 

ELÄKELÄISET (NORDIC NOTES)  April 16: Haarlem, NL (Patronaat) 

GROUNDATION (SOULBEATS)  April 24: Antwerp, B (De Roma) / April 25: Brussels, B (AB)

EXCITEMENTS (PENNIMAN)  April 29: Vlieland, NL (Into The Great Wide Open-Pre Party) / April 30: Eindhoven, NL (Effenaar) and Rotterdam, NL (Rotown) / May 2: Amsterdam, NL (Paradiso) 

PUSSYWARMERS (VOODOO RHYTHM)  April 30: Eindhoven, NL (Effenaar) /  May 2: Utrecht, NL (ACU) / May 3: Kortrijk, B (Den Trap) / May 4: Middelburg, NL (Kaffee 't Hof) / St. Katelijne-Waver, B (Gasketblowers Fest.)

DELANEY DAVIDSON (VOODOO RHYTHM)  May 9: Oostende, B (De Zwerver) / May 10: Eindhoven, NL (Altstadt) / May 11: Leeuwarden, NL (Asteriks) / May 12: Zwolle, NL (Vestzak Theater) / May 13: Breda, NL (Mezz)

CYNICS (GET HIP)  May 17: Utrecht, NL (dB's) / May 18: Diksmuide, B (4AD) 

OS HAXIXINS (GROOVIE)  Spring/summer 2012




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