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the Spot Light #343  

d.d. Monday, April 2nd, 2012 



  FUNERAL MARMOORI - VOLUME 1 (LP-CD/BLOODROCK)  The exciting debut album from a heavy progressive doom outfit, based in Florence, Italy. Available on CD and LP!

MAUSER - ISOLATION (LP/LA VIDA ES UN MUS)  Massive speed fuelled punk madness from Gainesville, FL. Driving, drum-focused, with simple and brutal riffs drenched in distortion. They set themselves aside from most of the crappy noise punk coming out of the US, by actually being able to write great songs and having an incredibly clear, powerful and harsh recording. There are some mid-tempo rockers, but this is mostly straight forward hardcore punk noise!

  LES PLAYBOYS - SPLASH (LP-CD/SOUNDFLAT)  Les Playboys strike again with an irresistible set of r&b, Merseybaeat, garage rock and a pinch of psychedelia. 'Splash' will not only still your hunger for your needed shot of Playboys, but also blow your mind with it's incisive melodies and stylish performances. 

  MIK QUANTIUS - KICK A BIT AGAINST THE SHIT (LP/TOZTIZOK ZOUNDZ)  Though this is his debut solo outing, Mik Quatius already has an impressive career. He started off in hardcore bands. Then he got attracted to the avantgarde and joined Way Of The Cross, an improv project of Dave Nuss (No Neck Blues Band, Sabbath Assembly), and he joined Kraut legends Embryo in 2001. He works as a solo performer since 2007, resulting in this fine collection of self composed music. Recorded in Dortmund by Thomas Hopf, this LP comes with artwork by Milo & Zeloot in an edition of 500 copies. Recommended! 

LUIGI ARCHETTI - NULL II - NULL III (2CD/ZEIT)  The second and third parts of the well-known Italian/Swiss composer's massive electronic work, entirely dedicated to the theme of "nothing" (Null). The first part saw the light of day with Die Schachtel's 2010 'Null' edition, released as part of the series 'ZeitComposers'. Suitable for fans of Eliane Radigue, Thomas Köner and long and sustained drone electronic music in general.

MARTINO TRAVERSA - CRITICAL PATH (CD/DIE SCHACHTEL)  A selection of this highly regarded Italian electronic/avantgarde composer's work, dating from the period 2000-2008.  

AUDREY CHEN & WOUTER JASPERS - BROMBRON 22: ROOT & BRANCH (CD/KORM PLASTICS)  The twenty-second release in the 'Brombron' series, originally a co-production between Staalplaat and art centre Extrapool in Nijmegen. Wouter Jaspers and Audrey Chan are perfect examples of what 'Brombron' is about. Combining improvised playing to generate sound material, this release is unmistakably a work of using studio techniques to make a rich, vibrant body of improvised and electronic music.

  KOMET - AUDIO.NL (CD/KORM PLASTICS)  Named after the label that originally released this music on two classic 12" records, 'Audio.NL' offers great minimalist electronic dance sounds. Komet was the moniker used by Frank Bretschneider, some years ago. This CD comes in a plastic wallet with printed inserts.

  VARIOUS - ULTRA NIJMEGEN, 8 MARCH 2012 (CD/KORM PLASTICS)  In the early '80s Ultra was seen as the Dutch equivalent of (the more experimental side of) new wave. This year an 'Ultra revival' sweeps the country and on March 8th a 'revival event' took place at Extrapool/De Onderbroek in Nijmegen. This CD was recorded that evening and includes recordings from Wieman (the new name for Zebra with guest vocalist Wally Pops from Minny Pops), Bertin, MK12 (a fusion of Vice and Mekanik Kommando), The Dear Listeners, Tandstickfabriek, Distel, and Donne & Desiree. The music presented here ranges from synth pop to ultra harsh guitar improvisation, and from free jazz improvisation to sound art. This evening was the perfect showcase for all things that Ultra once represented.

   HARD SKIN - WE'RE THE FUCKING GEORGE (CD/JT CLASSICS)  Finally released on the only format that matters - the compact disc! Hard Skin are a popular Oi!/streetpunk band from London. 'We're The Fucking George - Singles 1978-1981' features 15 tracks, compiled from singles which were released between 1994 and 2011. Ploddy, angry, basic and anthemic!.  

  HARD SKIN - SAME MEAT DIFFERENT GRAVY (CD/JT CLASSICS)  CD-repress of their popular second album that already sold about 30.000 copies world wide. Expect 13 hard hitting Oi! anthems about drinking, birds, the pigs, greasy food and having a laugh.  

  MOVIE STAR JUNKIES - JUNKYEARS (12"/AVANT!)  In 2009 Avant! put out this 12" that collects the early recordings by this great band, also known from their releases on Voodoo Rhythm and other labels. This is a new limited edition, offering some 22 minutes of raw, raunchy, paranoid garage/blues punk in the vein of The Gun Club, The Birthday Party and Suicide. Comes in a copper colour sleeve with white silkscreen.

  VARIOUS - RECYCLIST: MALORIX REMIXED AND RECYCLED (12"/MAKKUM)  Here are five brand new tracks, versions and remixes of material from Malorix' underground debut album 'Sound System Culture Clash', this time recorded by artists who appreciated the album. Includes 1-Speed Bike, Jason Forrest/Donna Summer, Zea, Filastine, Malorix and FFF.


  SICK ROSE - MONTH OF THE ROSE (LP/ONDE ITALIANE)  A fine collection of '80s garage rock from Italy. Includes the band's first ever demo from '84, a promo tape ('85) and two tracks that previously only appeared on rare comps. 

BERIO/MADERNA/CASTIGLIONI/ROTA/SCIARRINO - IMAGINATION AT PLAY: THE PRIX ITALIA AND RADIOGRAPHIC EXPERIMENTATION (6CD/DIE SCHACHTEL)  Now here's an awesome 6CD collection of truly noteworthy sounds. Featured are radio plays by Luciano Berio, Bruno Maderna, Niccolò Castiglioni, Nino Rota and Salvatore Sciarrino, produced between 1959 and 1981 at the famous Milan RAI Electronic Musica Studio di Fonologia. Truly adventurous and timeless stuff, taken from the original RAI tapes, and carefully restored and impeccably re-mastered. Also includes a 400-page book in English and Italian!



  CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX - POZNAN 2011 A.D. (3LP/CLEARVIEW)  An incredible 3LP release of recordings from a live show in Poznan, Poland. Crippled Black Phoenix is one of the UK's most interesting and adventurous contemporary psych/prog bands. Edition of 561 hand numbered copies on clear vinyl, presented in a wonderful die cut cover.

  CIRCLE - ZOPALKI (CD/EKTRO)  Re-released and remastered, the legendary second album from 1996 captures Circle roaming the deep waters of monotonic rituals and manic psychedelia.

  RATTO JA LEHTISALO - MATEMATIIKKA (CD/EKTRO)  Ratto (Kuusumun Profeetta, Circle) and Lehtisalo (Circle, Pharaoh Overlord, a.o.) deliver an album of mathematically calculated hit song formulas. The result is a twisted collection of popular music from the other side of the fence, where death is alive and gold is dirt.

  TANK86 - RISE (LP/RISING MAGMA)  Soon also available on vinyl, the killer 2011 debut album from this Dutch instru-mental sludge-metal band. Includes guest appearances by Peter van Elderen (Peter Pan Speedrock) and Tommi Holappa (Dozer/Greenleaf).

  AXIOME - TEN HYMNS FOR SORBETIERE OR HOW... (CD/ANT-ZEN)  ...I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE FREEZER'. Accelerated technoid rhythms are perfectly infused with powerful percussion, laced with hard, deftly sequenced melodic structures and combined with a retreat to insistent, repetitive analogue bubbling electronic textures. A mélange of force and beauty that is rarely matched by anyone else. Ten unique, intelligent and atmospheric soundtracks!

  CONTROL - THE RESISTANCE (CD/ANT-ZEN)  Control is Thomas Garrison from Santa Cruz, studio wizard and the initiator of industrial/ambient project Exsanguinate. As Control he delivers power noise that is extremely aggressive, but with shifts that create contrast and texture rather than just constant attack. Control has moved to the top of the power electronics pantheon for good reason.

BARR - ATLANTIC OCEAN BLUES (CD/SAKUNTALA)  A masterful, psychedelic tinged, folk CD. 'Atlantic Ocean Blues' is a tribute to the sea, the sun and space, and the music is coloured by exactly these elements.

  CDATAKILL - BATTLEWORN (CD/HYMEN)  Cdatakill is Zak Roberts, a musician based in Denver, Colorado, who has been recording and producing extreme electronic music since the mid-1990s, baring monikers such as AK-47 and DJ Rabies. 'Battleworn' is Cdatakill's fourth full length album. The nine tracks (plus two remixes by Nest and Sense) display a slowly-paced blast of atmospheres and kick drums, fusing drum'n'bass, intricate broken beats and components of dubstep, accumulated with startling speed changes and sound manipulations.

COSMIC GARDEN - SPIRALE (CD-EP/SELF RELEASE)  The Cosmic Garden combines the influence of the pioneers of German kraut and electronic music (Tangerine Dream, Popol Vuh) with ambient, techno, art-rock, psychedelia and experimental soundscapes. This CD-EP offers 3 tracks, featuring synths, piano, mellotron, guitars, bass, drums, percussion, voices, field recordings, sitar and glockenspiel, spanning some 24 minutes.

COSMIC GARDEN - SUN SECRETS (CD/SELF RELEASE)  This debut full length offers a meditative journey through psychedelic dreamscapes. It's chamber music for the brain, smart electronic music packed with emotion. Eight tracks! (Also see the info above.)

  EMPUSAE - SYMBIOSIS (CD/ANT-ZEN)  This release is meant for anyone who wishes to lose himself in dark, melancholic, tribal, electronic atmospheres and ritualistic ambient moods. Empusae is a project of Nicolas Van Meirhaeghe (a.k.a. Sal-Ocin), who also is a member of This Morn' Omina, Tzolk'in and Project Arctic. He also contributes to the live shows of Ah Cama-Sotz and In Slaughter Natives.

KEHLVIN - THE ORCHARD OF FORKING PATHS (CD/DIVISION)  With 'The Orchard Of Forking Paths' Kehlvin takes sludgin'-prog-hardcore to the next level of beauty and intensity. Totally mind blowing stuff!

  JENNIFER HERREMA WITH WINO & KURT VILE - BEFORE THEY MAKE ME RUN/SWAY (7"/VOLCOM)  Two bonafide Stones-jams as interprated by indie darling Kurt Vile and heavy music lifer Scott "Wino" Weinrich. Both tunes are performed as duets with Jennifer Herrema's inimitable raspy voice.


  ENGLAND - ENGLAND (CD/AUDIO ARCHIVES)  File alongside Necromandus, Stray, Hackensack, e.t.c.  Newly re-mastered edition of this mid '70s hard rock outfit's rare sole album, originally issued in a small quantity by Deroy Sound Services' custom pressing plant. New edition with special memorabilia.

  WATTS LITTLE ANGEL BAND - NEW ORLEANS/LAND OF 1000 DANCES/NIK NAK PADDY WHACK (7"/EM RECORDS)  A notable outing from The Watts Little Angels band, comprised of youngsters from early '70s South LA. Their instruments on these recordings included scrap oil drums, iron bars, metal cans and other urban castoffs, which they played with enthusiasm. Here you get them singing two r&b favourites and a kid's song. But the band was more than a mere document of child's play. This peerlessly unique musical expression sent out a strong social message. This 7" will appeal to fans of soul and funk, steel pan, and even  noise/industrial, experimental music listeners.


    In order to hear the excellent latest album by America's leading reggae outfit GROUNDATION ('BUILDING AN ARK', CD and LP out on SOULBEATS) and the steaming '70s Afro-funk of LE SUPER BORGOU DE PARAKOU ('THE BARIBA SOUND', LP + CD released by ANALOG AFRICA) please visit the VPRO Radio 6 'Luisterpaal' at 



  DEAN ALLEN FOYD - SOUNDS CAN BE SO CRUEL (CD-LP/CRUSHER)  reviewed by Keith Hannaleck for muzikreviews (excerpt)  If you happen to like music that sounds like it came right out of the '60s psych rock period then 'The Sounds Can Be So Cruel' is for you.

  SYLVESTER ANFANG II - PERZISCHE TAPIJTEN (LP/GREAT POP SUPPLEMENT)  reviewed by Jurgen Boel for Goddeau (translated excerpt) essential album in the ever expanding and increasingly interesting universe of Sylvester Anfang.  

  CURSE - SUCK IT IN, SPIT IT OUT (CD/PITSHARK)  reviewed by Patrick Bruneel for Gonzo Circus (translated excerpt)  Lemmy is a huge fan of them, and though they won't last as long Motörhead, they do what they're good at.

  SLEEPY HOLLOW - SKULL 13 (LP/HIGH ROLLER)  reviewed by Nima for Lords Of Metal (excerpt)  Sleepy Hollow has delivered a strong comeback album...


  IVY GREEN - IVY GREEN (CD/1977)  reviewed by Erwin Zijleman for Krentenuitdepop (translated excerpt)  Their untitled debut album ('78) is an appealing punk record with uncomplicated songs...

  IMPALA SYNDROME - IMPALA SYNDROME (CD/GEARFAB)  reviewed by DubbelMono for FileUnder (translated excerpt)  Happy sounding tunes take turns with rougher, almost garage-like, songs...

  PSYCHEDELLIC GUITARS/MIND EXPANDERS - WHAT'S HAPPENING? (CD/GEARFAB)  reviewed by Carry Munter for Carrysmusicmachine (translated excerpt)  On the whole this Gear Fab release sounds enjoyable and is definitely worth a spin.



ROY & THE DEVIL'S MOTORCYCLE (VOODOO RHYTHM)  April 11: Tournai, B (t.b.a.) / April 20: Utrecht, NL (dB's)  

HORISONT (CRUSHER)  April 12: Tilburg, NL (013/Roadburn)

LORD VICAR (CHURCH WITHIN) April 12: Tilburg, NL (013/Roadburn)

SATURNALIA TEMPLE (THE AJNA OFFENSIVE)  April 12: Tilburg, NL (013/Roadburn)

SPIDERS (CRUSHER, DE:NIHIL)  April 12: Tilburg, NL (013/Roadburn)

ELECTRIC MOON (NASONI)  April 13: Tilburg, NL (013/Roadburn) / April 17-18: Geel, B (Yellowstock) 

MARS RED SKY (MRS)  April 13:  Antwerp, B (Kavka) / April 14: Tilburg, NL (Roadburn) / April 15: Leeuwarden, NL (Mukkes)

ANEKDOTEN (VIRTA, MELLOTRONEN)  April 13: Tilburg, NL (013/Roadburn)

GNOD (BLACKEST RAINBOW, a.o.)  April 13: Tilburg, NL (013/Roadburn)

CHURCH OF MISERY (EMETIC, a.o.)  April 14: Tilburg, NL (013/Roadburn)

BONG (BLACKEST RAINBOW)  April 15: Tilburg, NL (013/Roadburn)

ELECTRIC ORANGE (SULATRON)  April 15: Tilburg, NL (013/Roadburn) 

FLESHPRESS (SVART)  April 15: Tilburg, NL (013/Roadburn) 

ELÄKELÄISET (NORDIC NOTES)  April 16: Haarlem, NL (Patronaat) 

SKULL FLOWER (COLD SPRING)  April 20: Brussels, B (Ateliers Claus) 

TARRUS RILEY (SOULBEATS)  April 21: Antwerp, B (Le Petrol Club) / April 25: Rotterdam, NL (Heidegger) / April 26: Amsterdam, NL (Melkweg) 

GROUNDATION (SOULBEATS)  April 24: Antwerp, B (De Roma) / April 25: Brussels, B (AB) / April 30: Utrecht, NL (Tivoli) / May 5: Luxemburg, LUX (Rockhall)

SPEEDBALL JR. (GREEN COOKIE)  April 28: Middelburg, NL (Kaffee 't Hof)  

EXCITEMENTS (PENNIMAN)  April 29: Vlieland, NL (Into The Great Wide Open-Pre Party) / April 30-daytime: Eindhoven, NL (Effenaar) / April 30-evening: Rotterdam, NL (Rotown) / May 2: Amsterdam, NL (Paradiso) / May 3: Dordrecht, NL (Dolhuis) / May 5: Leeuwarden, NL (Bevrijdingsfestival) / May 10: Brussels, B (Bar du Matin) / May 11: Liège, B (Jazz à Liège) / May 27: Rotterdam, NL (Dunya Festival) / June 29: Brussels, B (Couleur Café) / July 21: Lichtenvoorde, NL (Zwarte Cross) / August 5: Venlo, NL (Parkfstival) / August 5: Roermond, NL (Solar Weekend)

PUSSYWARMERS (VOODOO RHYTHM)  April 30: Eindhoven, NL (Effenaar) /  May 2: Utrecht, NL (ACU) / May 3: Kortrijk, B (Den Trap) / May 4: Middelburg, NL (Kaffee 't Hof) / St. Katelijne-Waver, B (Gasketblowers Fest.)

DELANEY DAVIDSON (VOODOO RHYTHM)  May 9: Oostende, B (De Zwerver) / May 10: Eindhoven, NL (Altstadt) / May 11: Leeuwarden, NL (Asteriks) / May 12: Zwolle, NL (Vestzak Theater) / May 13: Breda, NL (Mezz)

CYNICS (GET HIP)  May 17: Utrecht, NL (dB's) / May 18: Diksmuide, B (4AD) / May 25: The Hague, NL (Supermarkt)

ELECTRIC EMPIRE (SOULBEATS)  May 18: Amsterdam, NL (Bitterzoet) 

JANICE GRAHAM BAND (ACID JAZZ)  May 26: Brussels, B (Maison Du Peuple) 

OS HAXIXINS (GROOVIE)  September/October t.b.a.






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