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d.d. Monday, April 16th, 2012



  LES PLAYBOYS - SPLASH (LP-CD/SOUNDFLAT)  France is home to a notable number of fine garage, beat, r'n'b and sixties-punk styled combos, f.i. The Norvins, The Dadds and Les Terribles. With 'Splash', their new album, Les Playboys clearly prove they too belong in this honourable category. Great melodies, catchy riffs and psychedelic undertones.

  DEATH AND VANILLA - DEATH AND VANILLA (LP/HANDS IN THE DARK)  On white vinyl, here's the debut full length by Malmö's Death And Vanilla. This mind boggling set features dreamy vocals, ghostlike samples, vibraphonette, spring reverbs and Moog synthesizers, in order to create psychedelic kraut lullabies. You may notice traces/inspiration from library music, electronic pioneers and French and Italian movie soundtracks from the '50s and '60s. Limited to 300 copies! 

  CRASH NORMAL - YOUR BODY GOT A LAND (LP/BORN BAD)  French post-punk with serious angular riffage, raging synths that cut like razorblades and pop hooks to bang your head to. Crash Normal is a duo with a style somewhere between garage-punk and electro trash. They already shared stages with Sic Alps, Alan Vega, Ty Segall, The Spits, Kid Congo, Davila 66, BBQ, Crystal Stilts a.m.o. Limited edition. 

  ORCHID - THROUGH THE DEVILS DOORWAY (LP/CHURCH WITHIN)  Amazing '70s inspired occult rock from San Francisco. More Sabbath than Sabbath and blacker than black! Opening track 'Into The Sun' shows a significant similarity to Sabbath's 'Children Of The Grave'. At the same time it recalls Trouble's self titled album from 1990. Great stuff! Pressed on heavy black and coloured vinyl, with gatefold sleeve and poster.  

  ORCHID - CAPRICORN (2LP/CHURCH WITHIN)  Following its 2011 release on CD, here's another spectacular title from SF's Orchid, now on double vinyl. On heavy black and coloured vinyl, and including a gatefold sleeve and poster.

  JEREMY IRONS & THE RATGANG MALIBUS - BLOOM (LP/TRANSUBSTANS)  Now also available on LP, presented in a wonderful gatefold sleeve, it's the well received second album by Jeremy Irons And The Ratgang Malibus! 'Bloom' offers an innovative and highly personal take on psychedelic rock.

  ZIPPO - MAKTUB (LP/SUBSOUND)  Daring, twisting and ground breaking music, performed by Zippo and guests, including Ben Ward (Orange Goblin) and Luca T. Mai (Zu/Mombu). Mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate, Sunn O))), Isis), the LP is pressed on 180 gram vinyl. Hand numbered edition of 300 copies, with printed inner sleeve. 

JACK MOLTON DISTORTION - ROCKASUTRA (CD/MOLTON)  The convincing new album by Dutch rockers Jack Molton Distortion offers eight fine tracks of groove-rock, intense balladry and hazy stoner vibes.

  RIGHSING - UP TO BE FREE (CD/NASONI)  An interesting band from Berlin, with a line-up including charismatic vocalist Mariko Pentagram and guitarist Julius-K, formerly of Zone Six and Südstern 44. Righsing plays an unpredictable and highly eclectic style that draws from various genres. Which is no problem with members who have backgrounds in psychedelia, madrigal groups and medieval ensembles.

  BILLY CHYLDISH & THE MUSICIANS OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE - THERE IS ONLY ME (7"/SQUOODGE)  A 7" featuring two new, previously unreleased, recordings from undisputed cult-hero Chyldish.

  REVEREND BEAT-MAN - IT'S A BEAT-MAN'S WORLD (7"/SQUOODGE)  With thanks to Squoodge Records, Reverend Beat-Man strikes again, this time hard and soulful The A-side of this 7" is a note worthy remake of the James Brown-classic 'It's A Man's, Man's World'. And for the B-side, believe it or not, he has actually come up with a love song, proving the rev's heart is even bigger than you might have expected! Limited edition of 222 copies, so hurry up!

  TANK86/SARDONIS - HORDE/TO THE BARN (7"/RISING MAGMA)  A powerful split release between two heavy instru-mental doom riffing bands, Tank86 from The Netherlands and their Belgian colleagues Sardonis.


  EBO TAYLOR - TWER NYAME (LP/SUPERFLY)  A high quality reissue (180 gram vinyl) of a sensational title! 'Twer Nyame' is one of the ultimate holy grails from the world of '70s Ghana funk! Including the classic tracks 'Peace On Earth' and 'Atwer Abroba', this LP by the unique Ebo Taylor is available again for the first time in 30 years!



  ELECTRIC MOON - CELLAR SPACE LIVE OVERDOSE (LP/SULATRON)  A seriously trippy double LP (black vinyl), featuring live recordings from two gigs that took place in 2011. Expect four long stretched psychedelic outings, one on each side. Far out man!

  ZONE SIX/VESPERO - THE SPLIT THING (LP/TRANSUBSTANS)  Two great bands on one slab of vinyl. Russian act Vespero combines playfulness with airy elements and futuristic heavy rhythms. Zone Six, of course, is a highly respected name from the contemporary German psych-kraut-space rock scene, with an extremely atmospheric sound.  

  BUFFALO GRILLZ - MANZO CRIMINALE (LP-CD/SUBSOUND)  The second album from Buffalo Grillz offers another dose of solid grindcore. Features guests from Rotten Sound, Ratos De Porao, Mumakil, Fleshgod Apocalypse and Mombu. If you're into any of these names, 'Manzo Criminale' is for you. 

  DARXTAR - AGED TO PERFECTION (CD/TRANSUBSTANS)  The seventh album from one of Sweden's leading space rock combos, and their first for Transubstans. 'Aged To Perfection' sounds as a logic continuation of its predecessor 'We Came Too Late', offering appealing tunes over a space rock foundation.

SOHO PREACHERS - WAKE UP (LP/SEJA)  A new band on a new label! Soho Preachers deliver a promising debut. The band plays with slightly distorted bass lines, electronic drums combined with live drums, atmospheric synth sounds and additional guitars with an old school wave feel. Limited to 300 copies on clear vinyl.

  DIRTY FUSE - DIRTY FUSE (CD/GREEN COOKIE)  Surf, rock'n'roll and garage sounds galore, from Greece! Dirty Fuse sounds as if Dick Dale joins The Ventures for a raunchy party in a trailer park garage.

  SPEEDBALL JR - TREBLE IN PARADISE (LP/GREEN COOKIE)  Soon also available on LP, this wonderful collection of garage-infused surf'n'roll tunes from Belgium's beloved Speedball Jr.

  STONE AXE - CAPTURED LIVE! ROADBURN 2011 (LP-CD/RIPPLE MUSIC)  A truly stunning live collection of highly energetic rock'n'roll, recorded at their legendary show during the 2011 edition of Roadburn.

  BONG - MANA YOOD SUSHAI (CD/RITUAL)  Following last year's masterpiece 'Beyond Ancient Space', Bong prove to be ever-prolific with their latest offering, a brand new album entitled, 'Mana-Yood-Sushai'. Recorded, mixed and mastered in just two days in December 2011, this marks the first time Bong have entered a professional studio. On this lucid transcendental, psychedelic  journey we hear Bong as we have never heard them before. And they sound all the better for it!

  PROCESS OF GUILT - FAEMIN (CD/DIVISION)  The third album for these Portuguese sludge monsters! Slow, loud, gloomy and evil! Includes poster.


  OS BRAZOES - OS BRAZOES (LP/MOI J'CONNAIS)  At last, here's the long awaited reissue of this legendary title (1970) from the Brazilian Tropicalia movement. Os Brazoes are known as the backing outfit on Gal Costa's early recordings. However, the album they cut in their own right is much more 'out there'. Their compositions are full of buzzing fuzz guitars, pop vocals, spaced out effects and exotic percussion. Indeed, Os Brazoes belong in the same league as Som Imaginario and Os Mutantes' first three albums, and this release is a must have for all fans of Tropicalia and South-American psych in gneral.

  HOLLINS & STARR - SIDEWALK TALKING (LP-CD/LION PRODUCTION)  Reissue (on CD and vibyl) of a somewhat underappreciated title from 1970, originally issued by Ovation Record's, with the label's (at the time) trademark quadraphonic sound. This Chicago based duo's sole LP is a remarkable effort. Mainly rooted in psychedelia, hippie-vibes and off-beat pop, 'Sidewalk Talking' also showcases traces of avant-garde and even some funky moves. These are supported by an odd assortment of instruments, including flute, bells and a generous helping of fuzz guitar. Psych fans who don't know this one yet are in for a truly mind blowing discovery!


No rest for the wicked?! BIG PINK once again announced a number of interesting upcoming CD-reissues, including titles from jazz-pop outfit A TRAIN (their second album 'Overdue', originally dating from '77), BLAZE FOLEY (his s/t album from '84) , singer-songwriter BILL HOUSE (the stunning debut), Canadian artist CARM MASCARENHAS (a much sought after mid '70s album) and the hippie-folk duo of FRANZ SCHREUDER & MURRAY HINDER (1978's 'Someday Soon'). Enjoy folks! 



  GROUNDATION - BUILDING AN ARK (CD-LP/SOULBEATS)  reviewed by Arjan van Sorge for Highlife (translated excerpt)  With 'Building An Ark' they once again deliver an excellent album with all their usual ingredients.  reviewed by Tim for Tropicalidad (translated excerpt)  ...a reggae album that is one of the more accessible works in the band's history.

  DEAN ALLEN FOYD - SOUNDS CAN BE SO CRUEL (LP-CD/CRUSHER)  reviewed by Austin Matthews for Shindig! (excerpt)  This really is a band that's adding something valuable to the psychedelic continuum.

VIBRAVOID - GRAVITY ZERO (LP-CD/SULATRON)  reviewed by Alan Brown for Shindig! (excerpt)  ...Vibravoid beam down for another exploratory incursion into the space between our ears.

  DIE ZORROS - FUTURE (CD-LP-MC/VOODOO RHYTHM)  reviewed by Arjan van Sorge for Highlife (translated excerpt) unbelievably rattling surf-rock style, stripped to the bone and drenched in delay. chaos and insanity.

  GOBLIN MARKET - BENEATH FAR GONDAL'S FOREIGN SKY (CD/GREEN MONKEY)  reviewed by Gerald van Waes for Psyche van het Folk (excerpt)  ...a wandering mind approach, with a few rockier rhythms too...

  ROY & THE DEVIL'S MOTORCYCLE (various titles on VOODOO RHYTHM) - LIVE at CAFÉ HET MEISJE, GRONINGEN. reviewed by Joost Jan Meertens for Planet Trash (translated excerpt)  The music has a mysterious effect on the local weirdos. In the end their psychedelic garage-blues gives everybody a dry and warm feeling on a rainy day.


  IMPALA SYNDROME - IMPALA SYNDROME (CD/GEARFAB)  reviewed by Carry Munter for Carrysmusicmachine (translated excerpt)  The CD by Impala Syndrome offers some appealing music...

  MEGALITH - RISEN FROM THE GRAVE (CD/ROCKADROME)  reviewed by Pim B. for Lords Of Metal (translated excerpt)  ...I had never heard of this band from St. Louis before, but I do dig their power metal, which slightly leans towards thrash metal.


ELÄKELÄISET (NORDIC NOTES)  April 16: Haarlem, NL (Patronaat) 


SKULL FLOWER (COLD SPRING)  April 20: Brussels, B (Ateliers Claus) 

TARRUS RILEY (SOULBEATS)  April 21: Antwerp, B (Le Petrol Club) / April 25: Rotterdam, NL (Heidegger) / April 26: Amsterdam, NL (Melkweg) 

GROUNDATION (SOULBEATS)  April 24: Antwerp, B (De Roma) / April 25: Brussels, B (AB) / April 30: Utrecht, NL (Tivoli) / May 5: Luxemburg, LUX (Rockhall)

SPEEDBALL JR. (GREEN COOKIE)  April 28: Middelburg, NL (Kaffee 't Hof)  

EXCITEMENTS (PENNIMAN)  April 29: Vlieland, NL (Into The Great Wide Open-Pre Party) / April 30-daytime: Eindhoven, NL (Effenaar) / April 30-evening: Rotterdam, NL (Rotown) / May 2: Amsterdam, NL (Paradiso) / May 3: Dordrecht, NL (Dolhuis) / May 4: Leiden, NL (Qbus) / May 5: Leeuwarden, NL (Bevrijdingsfestival) / May 10: Brussels, B (Bar du Matin) / May 11: Liège, B (Jazz à Liège) / May 27: Rotterdam, NL (Dunya Festival) / June 29: Brussels, B (Couleur Café) / July 21: Lichtenvoorde, NL (Zwarte Cross) / August 5: Venlo, NL (Parkfstival) / August 5: Roermond, NL (Solar Weekend)

PUSSYWARMERS (VOODOO RHYTHM)  April 30: Eindhoven, NL (Effenaar) /  May 2: Utrecht, NL (ACU) / May 3: Kortrijk, B (Den Trap) / May 4: Middelburg, NL (Kaffee 't Hof) / St. Katelijne-Waver, B (Gasketblowers Fest.)

DELANEY DAVIDSON (VOODOO RHYTHM)  May 9: Oostende, B (De Zwerver) / May 10: Eindhoven, NL (Altstadt) / May 11: Leeuwarden, NL (Asteriks) / May 12: Zwolle, NL (Vestzak Theater) / May 13: Breda, NL (Mezz)

MENIC (VOODOO RHYTHM)  May 13: Groningen, NL (Café de Zolder) / May 16: Amsterdam, NL (Skek) / May 18: Middelburg, NL (Kaffee 't Hof)

CYNICS (GET HIP)  May 17: Utrecht, NL (dB's) / May 18: Diksmuide, B (4AD) / May 25: The Hague, NL (Supermarkt)

ELECTRIC EMPIRE (SOULBEATS)  May 18: Amsterdam, NL (Bitterzoet) 

THE RIPE (GET HIP)  May 25: The Hague, NL (Supermarkt) 

JANICE GRAHAM BAND (ACID JAZZ)  May 26: Brussels, B (Maison Du Peuple) 

OS HAXIXINS (GROOVIE)  September/October t.b.a.






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