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  BANDA DE LA MUERTE - PULSO DE UNA MENTE MALDITA (LP/ZONDA)  Banda De La Muerte is one of the most promising and noteworthy new bands in the Argentinean underground. Though their music draws from metal, stoner, sludge and hardcore punk, the band members themselves simply speak of "rock'n'roll"! 

  IVY GARDEN OF THE DESERT - BLOOD IS LOVE (CD/NASONI)  Finally a full album from the Italian trio. The style on 'Blood Is Love' ranges from sun-drenched stoner rock to southern pluck and riff-dominated fuzz. Wonderful!

  ESCUADRON DE LA MUERTE - BIRDS OF PAIN AND BLOOD (CD/STEINKLANG)  A professionally printed CDR release. Escuadron De La Muerte deliver a next serving of their characteristic apocalyptic sound. The band's debut for the Steinklang Industries label!

  TECHNICOLOR POETS - THE ECHOING GREEN (CD/KOMMUN2)  Psych heads beware! The Technicolor Poets delve deep into American '60s acid rock, but with a personal touch and a strong emphasis on the psychedelic experience. No fillers, all killers. This CD version includes a bonus track.

  HEARTATTACK ALLEY - I PUT A SPELL ON YOU (7"/VOODOO RHYTHM)  A nice'n'sleazy single by an incredible stomp blues trio from Auckland, New Zealand. Like Suicide meeting early Cramps!


  OPPRESSED - DEAD & BURIED (LP/RADIATION)  A cool compilation of early '80s material from the popular anti-fascist Oi! band from Cardiff, Wales. 'Dead And Buried' collects the first two, self-financed singles by the Oppressed, 'Victims' and 'Never Say Die', both originally released in 1983, along with their complete 'Oi! The Tape' session from '83. This is Oi! music at its best. 

  OPPRESSED - FATAL BLOW (LP/RADIATION)  Originally out on the Skinhead Record label in 1985, 'Fatal Blow' collects the Welsh Oi! band's first demos from 1981-'82 along with 3 classic Oi! cover versions recorded right before their first split in '84. This document of outstanding importance in the history of UK Oi! music and working class street punk is back on vinyl, in a strictly limited edition of 300.

  IMPACT - SOLO ODIO (LP/RADIATION)  Official and licensed reissue of one of the few all-time classic LPs of the first wave of Italian hardcore. Operational in Ferrara during the early '80s, Impact (along with Wretched, Negazione, InigestiI and Declino) set the stylistic and aesthetic standards for a subgenre that mixed the political vehemence of British tradition (think Crass and Conflict) with the aggression and fury of early American bands à la Circle Jerks and Black Flag. Pressed on 140 gram black vinyl and including printed inner sleeve.

  SHITLICKERS - 1982 (LP/NOISE NOT MUSIC)  Shitlickers, the short-lived side project of Tomas Jonsson from Anti-Cimex, is often regarded as the quintessence of hardcore punk. It's youthful, aggressive and mean. Featuring both their 1982 self-financed singles 'GBG 1982' and 'Cracked Cop Skulls', this long-awaited 8 tracker is a must have for all fans of distorted Swedish '80s hardcore.

  KLAXON - 100CELLE CITY ROCKERS (LP/GONNA PUKE RETRO)  This important band from the Italian hardcore scene during the early 80's made a comeback in 1997 with the album '100Celle City Rockers'. This Clash-inspired set is now seen as one of their best releases. Here's a vinyl reissue (limited to 500 copies) of that landmark album.



  BODUF SONGS - INTERNAL MEMO (10"/MORC)  A great new title on the Morc label! Boduf Songs had a number of previous releases on various labels, including four albums on Cranky.  This limited 10" is the first release by Boduf Songs that was entirely created since master mind Mat Sweet moved from the UK to Toledo, OH. This is an edition of 200 copies, presented in beautiful jackets, designed by Sweet himself, and printed in lush silver ink on black paper.

  ANNELIES MONSERÉ- NEST (10"/MORC)  What can we expect from the upcoming impressive release by this unique Belgian artist? To put things simply, Side 1 more or less reminds of Annelies' second album 'Marit', and the material on Side 2 kinda brings to mind 'Helder', her debut full length. 'Nest' features various notable tracks, including two very different versions of the traditional folk tune 'All Things Are Quite Silent'. Features guest musicians Steve Marreyt (Edgar Wappenhalter, Sylvester Anfang) and Yumi Verplancke. Recommended if you like Nico, Crescent, Richard Youngs, Boduf Songs, Hammond organs, folk, shoegaze, and/or minimal song writing. Limited to 150 copies.

  WOODEN CONSTRUCTIONS - PEOPLE NOW PEOPLE (LP/SUBROUTINE)  The debut album by an energetic alternative band from Amsterdam. People Now People offers manic, gloomy music, accompanied by strange and singular stories.

  ATOMTRAKT - ARTEFAKTE DES VERDERBENS (CD/STEINKLANG)  The latest album from this highly regarded martial industrial act. Limited to 400 copies and presented in a 6-sided digipack.

OSTARBEITER - THE IRON ERA (2CD/STEINKLANG)  A quality mixture of martial industrial and dark ambient. Featuring recordings from 1998-2001, this limited edition double CD comes in a transparent DVD-slim case.

  RASTHOF DACHAU - ...DAS ANDERE LICHT (CD/STEINKLANG)  This release collects their two LP's, from 1999 and 2002 respectively. Comes in 4-sided digipack, limited to 350 copies.

  STAHLWERK 9 - THE GREY GHOST (CD/STEINKLANG)  Stahlwerk 9 deliver their first new full length in five years. The result is a masterpiece of psychotic black industrial and dark ambient. Comes in a 4-sided digipack.

  TREVOR SEWELL - CALLING YOUR NAME (CD/W.A.R.)Recently compared to the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton and Freddie King, Trevor Sewell is currently riding high on the New Wave of British Blues. This disc features ten songs, two of which were nominated in the recent highly prestigious Hollywood Music in Media Awards.

  KARINA ESP - DETACHMENT (CD/MORC)  Karina ESP has been releasing CDRs, cassettes, 10"es since 1998, all of which contributed to founder Chris Gowers' cult status within the ambient scene. 'Detachment' is made up of more warm and dark drones, mostly guitar based, but his vague melodies and select use of other instruments create a unique environmental atmosphere. Only 150 copies pressed, so no time to lose.

  DAVID KILGOUR - HERE COME THE CARS (LP/DE STIJL)  David Kilgour is a member of New Zealand's legendary indie poppers The Clean. Though a highly regarded title from the Flying Nun catalogue, his 'Here Come The Cars' (1991) was never issued on LP. Until now that is! Too late? Maybe. But that's no problem, since this is one of those albums that exists outside of time.

  SVALBARD - DER LETZTE BLICK ZURÜCK (CD/LICHTERKLANG)  The second full length album for this Byelorussian martial project. A perfect blend of pathetic dance hymns and military pop appeal, combined with the depth of Byelorussian melancholy and new gained folkloristic influences.


  Spanish soul sensations The EXCITEMENTS (s/t LP-CD on PENNIMAN) have scheduled an impressive list of Dutch and Belgian shows. Their album can now be heard on the Radio 6 Luisterpaal:

  Fans of top notch contemporary psych rock can check out DEAN ALLEN FOYD's debut album THE SOUNDS CAN BE SO CRUEL (LP-CD on CRUSHER) at:



  STONE BREATH - THE NIGHT BIRDS PSALM (CD/HAND/EYE)  reviewed by Jeanette Leech for Shindig! (excerpt)  ...the words and music may be easier to grasp, but the mood is as unearthy as ever.

  SONGS OF GREEN PHEASANT - SOFT WOUNDS (CD/RUSTED RAIL)  reviewed by Henk Rijkenbarg for Heaven (translated excerpt)  ...the right tone of melancholic West-Coast psych pop with British influences and impressionistic harmonies.


   BRAINBOX - BRAINBOX (LP/PSEUDONYM)  reviewed by Lenny Helsing for Shindig! (excerpt) ...the pre-Focus Jan Akkerman and Pierre van der Linden in a melting pot of blues, folk-rock and jazz influences.

  LE SUPER BORGOU DE PARAKOU - THE BARIBA SOUND (CD-LP/ANALOG AFRICA)  reviewed by Pieter Wijnstekers for Heaven (translated excerpt)  Suitable for all fans of African music, and particularly those who are fond of wonderful reissues of '70s material...

  IMPALA SYNDROME - IMPALA SYNDROME (CD/GEARFAB)  reviewed by Wiebren Rijkeboer for Heaven (translated excerpt)  ...this album from 1969 is highly recommended to fans of psychedelia and freakbeat.

  VARIOUS - REVOLUTION! TEEN TIME IN CORPUS CHRISTI (CD/CICADELIC)  reviewed by DubbelMono for FileUnder (translated excerpt) the Texan pop scene of the late '60s folk-rock, psychedelia and Beatles-style were the most relevant genres.


EXCITEMENTS (PENNIMAN)  May 2: Amsterdam, NL (Paradiso) / May 3: Dordrecht, NL (Dolhuis) / May 4: Leiden, NL (Qbus) / May 5: Leeuwarden, NL (Bevrijdingsfestival) / May 10: Brussels, B (Bar du Matin) / May 11: Liège, B (Jazz à Liège) / May 27: Rotterdam, NL (Dunya Festival) / June 29: Brussels, B (Couleur Café) / July 21: Lichtenvoorde, NL (Zwarte Cross) / August 5: Venlo, NL (Parkfstival) / August 5: Roermond, NL (Solar Weekend)

PUSSYWARMERS (VOODOO RHYTHM)  May 2: Utrecht, NL (ACU) / May 3: Kortrijk, B (Den Trap) / May 4: Middelburg, NL (Kaffee 't Hof) / St. Katelijne-Waver, B (Gasketblowers Fest.) 

GROUNDATION (SOULBEATS)  May 5: Luxemburg, LUX (Rockhall)

DELANEY DAVIDSON (VOODOO RHYTHM)  May 9: Oostende, B (De Zwerver) / May 10: Eindhoven, NL (Altstadt) / May 11: Leeuwarden, NL (Asteriks) / May 12: Zwolle, NL (Vestzak Theater) / May 13: Breda, NL (Mezz)

MENIC (VOODOO RHYTHM)  May 13: Groningen, NL (Café de Zolder) / May 16: Amsterdam, NL (Skek) / May 18: Middelburg, NL (Kaffee 't Hof)

CYNICS (GET HIP)  May 17: Utrecht, NL (dB's) / May 18: Diksmuide, B (4AD) / May 25: The Hague, NL (Supermarkt)

ELECTRIC EMPIRE (SOULBEATS)  May 18: Amsterdam, NL (Bitterzoet) 

THE RIPE (GET HIP)  May 25: The Hague, NL (Supermarkt) 

JANICE GRAHAM BAND (ACID JAZZ)  May 26: Brussels, B (Maison Du Peuple) 

OS HAXIXINS (GROOVIE)  September/October t.b.a.



SIENA ROOT (HEAD SPIN, TRANSUBSTANS, a.o.)  November 16: Helmond, NL (Lakei) / November 17: Leuven, B (Sojo)




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