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the Spot Light #353  

d.d. Monday, June 11th, 2012  



  ELECTRIC MESS - FALLING OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH (LP/GROOVIE)  An exciting and tight unit, fronted by androgynous lead singer, the dynamic Chip Fontaine a.k.a. Esther Crow.  This album offers a great set of rock'n'roll tunes, influenced by '60s garage. r'n'b, British invasion and psychedelia.

  SPACESHIP LANDING - SPACESHIP LANDING (2LP-CD/WORLD IN SOUND)  This impressive double-LP (also on CD) of Kraut inspired psychedelia from Germany actually contains completely renewed material from their 2006 debut. Their long improvisations leave plenty of room for exciting improvisations and experimental passages, with lots of spaced out effects, guitar trippery full of wah wah, sax and spacey atmospheres. Indeed, the Spaceship has landed! The double LP comes on black as well as coloured vinyl.

  K-SALVATORE - TSAR OVA ELK (LP/KELIPPAH)  Jason Meagher (NNCK, Black Dirt Studio) and Pat Murano (NNCK, Decimus) have sporadically been releasing material as K-Salvatore since 1995. The sparse and disturbing electronics captured on this LP, their first since 2006, reflect the dark and cold of the winters night on which they were created. Edition of 300 in jackets silk screened by Phil Franklin and Christine Shields at Bright Spot Ink. Recorded at Black Dirt Studio.

  BERT VAN DEN BERGH & 'T VERLANGE - BERT VAN DEN BERGH & 'T VERLANGE (CD/INBETWEENS)  A release of tasteful songs about travelling, old friendships and, of course, love. These well written compositions, sung in Dutch dialect, will appeal to fans of pop, folk and americana.  

  DEAD CONGREGATION - PURIFYING CONSECRATED GROUND (CD/NUCLEAR WINTER)  Nuclear Winter Records re-releases this highly rated title, including a completely new layout.

  VASILISK - TRIBAL ZONE (CD/STEINKLANG)  Here is Vasilisk's first new album in 23 years. Nevertheless, the ritual industrial sounds aren't very different from those on the artist's cult-LPs from the '80s. The fans wouldn't want it any other way! Limited to 500 copies.

STORMFÅGEL - DÖDSVALS (CD/STEINKLANG)  A fine new CD from the Scandinavian martial/neo-folk merchants. Limited digipack edition.

  SUMA - ASHES (2LP/ALONE-THRONE)  Repress of the killer third album from these Swedes. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl and presented in gatefold sleeve. Includes a bonus track you won't find on the CD.


MEIC STEVENS - CANEUON CYNNAR (CD/BELLA TERRA)  'Caneuon Cynnar'  is a recollection of great material from the earlier years ('70s) of this highly regarded Welsh folk musician. 

  MEIC STEVENS - GOG (CD/BELLA TERRA)  Reissue of an essential psych-folk masterpiece from the '70s. This was Meic Stevens' third album, full of dreamy psych beats, dark folk tunes, a clever pop sense and odd welsh accents. The sinister looking sleeve is also gorgeous!



  CUCUMBER - THE FRENCH JOB (2LP-CD/COSMIC GROOVE)  An exciting band from France with vintage instruments, mixing modern electronic pop with sixties pop styles. The result is an irresistible cocktail of Swinging London hipness, breakbeats, influences from soundtracks and steamin' funk. The vintage instrumentation (including sitars, Hammond and theremin) mixed with a thoroughly modern electro pop sound may bring to mind David Holmes, Lalo Schiffrin, the KPM catalogue, or early Air records.

PHILIP CORNER/MICHEL VOGEL/PHOEBE NEVILLE - MUSIQUE DES AILES/WINGED MUSIC (LP/RICERCA SONORA)  A notable collaboration between Phoebe Neville (musician, singer, dancer), Philip Corner (composer, musician, and former professor at Rutgers University in New Jersey) and Michel Vogel (musician and builder of instruments). 'Musiques Des Ailes' is a beautiful improvisational album of drones, silences and minimal vibrating music that enters unheard territories. Metallic resonances, obscure low frequencies, and pure vibrating sonorities!

  MACHETAZO - TRONO DE HUESOS (LP/DOOMENTIA)  A remastered vinyl edition of the long sold out second full length from the Spanish grind masters Machetazo! Includes bonus tracks and a huge poster of the artwork.

  RAAJMAHAL - RAAJMAHAL (LP/KELIPPAH)  Experimental indierock from members of Baba Yaga, Flower Orgy, Decimus and NNCK. It's a mournful affair as guitar notes and gentle echo match the timbre of weeping voices.

  CHELSEA WOLFE - APOKALYPSIS (LP/PENDU SOUND)  The repressed second album from the Sacramento native and Los Angeles based art rocker, conjuring up 'Sister'-era Sonic Youth-like tunes, channeling Portishead's 'Dummy'-esque sound, and more. There even are metal-like processional nuances and lilting Gregorian chants.

DEATH IN JUNE - PEACEFUL SNOW/LOUNGE CORPS II (2CD/NERUS)  Reissue of the Peaceful Snow album, including a second disc of previously unreleased 'Lounge Corps' piano instrumentals of the album, performed by Slovakian pianist Miro Snejdr. Limited and hand numbered.

  TENNISCOATS - ALL ABOARD! (CD/CHAPTER MUSIC)  Japan's psychedelic-minded popduo Tenniscoats has already collaborated with Scottish indie heroes The Pastels, Swedish group Tape and outsider pop icon Jad Fair. On this collection they continue the tradition by teaming up with legendary Japanese drummer Ikuro Takahashi revered for his work with experimental and psych/folk icons like High Rise, Fushitsusha, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Nagisa Ni Te and Che Shizu.

  VARIOUS - FATHER:LAND (CD/STEINKLANG)  Limited edition (300 copies) compilation, featuring exclusive (or previously unissued) tracks by Stormfagel, Oda Relicta, Svarrogh, Atomtrakt, Werra, Jannerwein, Verdandi a.o.

  MODDS - LEAVE MY HOUSE/ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD (7"/GROOVIE RECORDS)  Two ultra enjoyable tracks from '60s styled garage-punkers The Modds!


  EAST OF EDEN - ESSEN 1970 (LP/THORS HAMMER)  A cool release of fine sounding live recordings from the excellent psych/prog band from Bristol, recorded in Germany, 1970. A must for collectors. It is the first legitimate release of an East of Eden live recording. Comes in deluxe gatefold cover and including lots of info.

  NIGHTBIRDS - NIGHTBIRDS (LP/GROOVIE RECORDS)  A retrospective album of recordings from the Swiss '60s freakbeat and garage legends. Energetic, unpolished, fantastic! 

  KRYPTOR - VICE AND VIRTUE (BOX) (LP/DOOMENTIA)  Reissue of a Czech metal gem from the '80s. The real thing! Comes as a luxurious box set, including gatefold sleeve, slipmat, A2 poster, booklet and more. Only 500 manufactured.

  WARCRY - TRILOGY OF TERROR (7"/DOOMENTIA)  Repressed on 7" vinyl, this is a classic US heavy metal demo from the '80s. Presented in gatefold sleeve.


  HIGH ROLLER RECORDS have informed us about their latest plans. These include vinyl releases of Cleveland's NWOBHM inspired '80s band BLACK ROSE ('Loveshock' LP+7" - see artwork), BIBLE OF THE DEVIL ('For The Love Of Thugs And Fools'), speed metal dealers JAGUAR, Udo Dirkschneider's U.D.O. ('Celebrator' 2LP), German late '70s-early '80s thrash metal heads TANKARD ('Alcoholic Metal') and British obscurities DEMON PACT. Full speed ahead! 

The BIG PINK label has also announced a number of upcoming reissues on CD. Among these are titles from underground acid-folk artist DAVE BIXBY, Seattle's '70s pop and folkrock band FULL SAIL, acid-folksters HARBINGER (their second album, featuring Dave Bixby), BOBBY KEYS (the Stones' sax player!) and American singer-songwriter from the '70s, CHRIS ROHMAN ('Technicolor Dreams', his second album). Another impressive list!



  AMAZING - GENTLE STREAM (CD-LP/SUBLIMINAL SOUNDS)  reviewed by Marius Roeting for New Folk Sounds (translated excerpt)  The Amazing never fails to amaze. ...relevant references include Jefferson Airplane, David Crosby and the more experimental period of The Byrds.

  VIBRAVOID - GRAVITY ZERO (CD-LP/SULATRON)  reviewed by Carry Munter for Carrysundergroundmusic (translated excerpt)  Vibravoid have exceeded themselves once again, and prove that they belong to the very best in the genre.

  ODYSSEY - ABYSMAL DESPAIR (LP-CD/TRANSUBSTANS)  reviewed by Jan-Simon for Lords Of Metal (translated excerpt)  This simply is a damn fine album.

  BODUF SONGS - INTERNAL MEMO (10"/MORC)  reviewed by John Kealy for Brainwashed (excerpt)  ...better to be moaning about how short a new release is than the complete lack of one, especially when 'Internal Memo' is so good.  reviewed by Terrascope (excerpt) a new Simon And Garfunkel covering obscure Iron And Wine B-Sides.

  PACESHIFTERS - HOME (CD/SIMPATICO-MINSTREL)  reviewed by Cor for Lords Of Metal (translated excerpt)  ...a very successful album from an evolving band on which we should keep a close eye, also internationally.


  EDITION SPECIALE - ALLEE DES TILLEULS (LP/GOLDEN PAVILION)  reviewed by Oregano Rathbone for Record Collector (excerpt)  ...all this is catnip for jazz-funkateers, but it might also entice Curved Air and Renaissance disciples...

  POLYPHONY - WITHOUT INTRODUCTION (CD/GEARFAB)  reviewed by Aaron Milenski for Ugly Things (excerpt)  Here's a welcome reissue of one of the earliest American prog obsucrities.

  COSMIC MICHAEL - COSMIC MICHAEL & AFTER A WHILE (CD/GEARFAB)  reviewed by Aaron Milenski for Ugly Things (excerpt)  This CD reissue includes both of his albums, which are about as crudely produced as anything you will ever hear.  reviewed by DubbelMono for FileUnder (translated excerpt)  After his second album he seems to have vanished form the surface of the earth, leaving behind one great, and one stupid album.

  BUMP - 2 (LP-CD/SHADOKS MUSIC)  reviewed by John Hagelston for Ugly Things (excerpt)  'Bump 2' is certainly interesting and engaging enough to recommend to psych fans.

  AMBER - PEARLS OF AMBER (CD/MERLINS NOSE)  reviewed by Marius Roeting for New Folk Sounds (translated excerpt)  Eclectic, accompanied by guitar parts that are strongly influenced by people like Bert Jansch...


EXCITEMENTS (PENNIMAN)  June 29: Brussels, B (Couleur Café) / July 21: Lichtenvoorde, NL (Zwarte Cross) / August 5: Venlo, NL (Parkfestival) / August 5: Roermond, NL (Solar Weekend)

LA IRA DE DIOS (WORLD IN SOUND, NASONI)  September 15: Zwolle, NL (Eureka)

OS HAXIXINS (GROOVIE)  September/October t.b.a.



DEAN ALLEN FOYD (CRUSHER)  Autumn/winter t.b.a.

SIENA ROOT (HEAD SPIN, TRANSUBSTANS, a.o.)  November 16: Helmond, NL (Lakei) / November 17: Leuven, B (Sojo)




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