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  COSMIC TRIP MACHINE/OG - (THE WOMAN WHO TOOK) A FLYING LEAP OVER THE FENCE (LP/NASONI)  The new album from Belgium's trippiest is a double concept album which traces a dream from beginning to end. You get two very different approaches of the tracks, resulting in two different versions of the same album. So, now, you just have to choose your flavour! Features artwork by Marijke Koger (from The Fool and known for designing album sleeves for a.o. The Hollies and Incredible String Band and the interior of the Beatles' Apple store). Available on black and coloured vinyl, and including CD versions of both platters.

  VESPERO - SUBKRAUT: U-BOATS WILLKOMME (LP/KRAUTED MIND-CD/R.A.I.G.)  The fourth official album from Russia's Vespero. Here are six instrumental kraut-rock tracks that are inspired by Russian early 20th century futurism, Germany's '70s musical underground, modern American fiction writers and the mysteries of the Great Ocean.

  RIVERBOAT GAMBLERS - THE WOLF YOU FEED (LP/VOLCOM)  Austin, TX based Riverboat Gamblers return with a dark, brooding and, at times, towering work entitled 'The Wolf You Feed". This set marks a slight departure from the whiplash albums of their diverse past.

  TUBER - TUBER (LP/KRAUTED MIND)  An interesting band from Greece! Tuber's sound is a mixture of post-rock, alternative rock, and desert and stoner vibes, enhanced with a psychedelic atmosphere and even a somewhat  romantic mood. Released on black and coloured vinyl.

  PYRAMIDAL - DAWN IN SPACE (2LP/KRAUTED MIND)  Progressive/psychedelic spacerock from Alicante, Spain. This intriguing album is mostly instrumental, with lysergic sounds and hypnotic rhythms. Instant trance!  

  ATLANTIS - MISTRESS OF GHOSTS (LP/DUNK!RECORDS)  This excellent new LP by Dutch band Atlantis offers almost 40 minutes of pure noise, rock, electronic sounds and psychedelic doom metal riffs, all mixed into eight intense tracks. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl.

KASAN - DROWN (LP/DUNK!RECORDS)  Following a promising demo, an even stronger EP and two split releases, here -at last!- is the first full length from Kasan, the Leipzig, Germany based instrumental post-rock/metal unit.

  STORIES FROM THE LOST - FOR CLOUDS (CD/DUNK!RECORDS)  Heavy guitars, high riffs, doomy licks, dark bass and sharp drums. Meet Stories From The Lost, a four piece post-metal band from Zottegem, Belgium. A wonderful debut, gloomy tot he max!

TERRAFORMER - THE SEA SHAPER (CD/DUNK!RECORDS)  Also on the Belgian Dunk!-label, this intriguing album from post- and math-rock merchants Terraformer. Explosive instrumental sounds!

SKY ARCHITECTS - THE PROMISE OF TOMORROW (CD/DUNK!RECORDS)  A post-metal 4-piece from Ghent, Belgium. following their 2010 EP 'The Reflection', this is their epic debut album.

KOKOMO - IF WOLVES (LP/DUNK!RECORDS)  The second album from Kokomo, the highly regarded instrumental rock band from Duisburg, Germany. Expect impressive riffs, massive climaxes and floating outros. Pressed on 180 gram grey, coloured or black vinyl. Presented in a gatefold sleeve.

  CHELSEA WOLFE - APOKALYPSIS (CD/PENDU SOUND)  Now also available on CD! (For more info please check last week's Spot Light.)

  CHELSEA WOLFE - THE GRIME AND THE GLOW (CD/PENDU SOUND)  L.A.'s Chelsea Wolfe composes fractured, noisy, abstract, experimental and exploratory gothy doom-folk. Expect blackened atmospherics and plenty of fuzz alongside her strong voice and imaginative playing.

  V3CTORS - V3CTORS (CDS/ALONE)  A five track debut EP from a very promising new name in the Spanish metal underground. The songs are quite complex, extremely dynamic, and feature the notably strong lead vocals of Javier Perez.

  HERMANN NITSCH - 17.09.2009 ORGELKONZERT, PAULUSKERK (12"/DEAD MIND)  A double 12" release, offering four heavy organ drones recorded in a church during the 2009 edition of the Incubate Festival, which takes place in Tilburg on an annual base. Comes in a gatefold sleeve in a limited edition of 300 copies.

  NIGHT BEATS/TRMRS - MESSIAH/GOOD TIME BLUES (7"/VOLCOM)  A cool split release. Night Beats from Seattle offer a slow swirling dirge of garage psychedelia while TRMRS' 'Good Time Blues; is a fuzzed-out bluesy surf rock nugget.


BRUNO COSSANO - LIVE IN PARIS (LP/DEAD MIND)  First ever vinyl issue of a classic Italian power electronics title, originally released on tape in 1986.

  FRANCK DERVIEUX - DIMENSION 'M' (CD/MUSIQUE PROGRES)  CD-reissue of a classic early prog album from Canada. This keyboard heavy set was recorded in Quebec, 1971, by France born Franck Dervieux.

  VARIOUS - THE RHYTHM SHACK (LP/SHEIK)  A super enjoyable compilation-LP of obscure r&b, black rockers and early soul tunes. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl, this set offers tracks recorded by Al Garris, Gus Jenkins, Richard Wylie, The Clovers, Melvin Smith, Ann Cole, The Regents, The Vibrations, a.m.o. 

  VARIOUS - LONG GONE CATS, VOL. 2 (LP/SHEIK)  Second volume of this rock'n'roll/rockabilly compilation series from the Spanish Sheik label, pressed on 180 gram vinyl. You get 16 primitive stompers from artists s.a. Chuck Atha, Jimmie Skinner, The Ferrell Brothers, Johnny Ray Harris, Al Burnette, Billy Tidwell & The Chivells, Bobby Bobo, a.m.m. 

BING SELFISH - SELFISH WORKS (7"/MESSTHETICS)  Five tracks recorded in the early '80s. The true spirit of DIY underground!



  TURBONEGRO - SEXUAL HARRASSMENT (LP/VOLCOM)They said it would never happen, but now the mighty Turbonegro return with a ten song album, recorded at the famous Electric Lady Studios in New York. 'Sexual Harrassment' showcases Turbonegro's roots in hardcore punk, '80s underground, the thrift-store riffs of The Stooges and The Stones, platform-booted glitter rock, and spectacular bubblegum radio music of any era - all executed with an attitude that's unmistakably Turbonegro.

  SULA BASSANA - DARK DAYS (2LP-CD/SULATRON)  After having put loads of time and energy in Electric Moon, Zone Six, Liquid Visions and a number of other bands/projects, psychedelic mastermind Dave Schmidt now returns with a brand new Sula Bassana album. Here are 70 minutes of sprawling space-rock, crunchy psychedelia and experimental kraut. Finger lickin' good!

  WOODS OF DESOLATION - TOWARD THE DEPTHS (LP/NORTHERN SILENCE)  Vinyl issue of their debut album. Suitable for all fans of depressive black metal in general and Woods Of Desolation in particular. Limited edition of 333 copies on red vinyl.  

  FLIGHT OF SLEIPNIR - ALGIZ + BERKANA (LP/EYES LIKE SNOW)  At last the band's impressive debut gets its long overdue vinyl treatment. The rich songs incorporate the powerful, aggressive potential of their black metal roots with those trademark clean vocals, melodic lead and acoustic guitars and progressive elements into a seamless whole. Limited edition (350 copies) on white vinyl. Comes in gatefold sleeve and including poster. 

  SOLITUDE AETURNUS - DOWNFALL (LP/EYES LIKE SNOW)  Haunting, ethereal, mystical, sepulchral, and horribly brutal, 'Downfall' is the fourth and final vinyl release of Solitude Aeturnus, filling the last hole in their discography. Awe-inspiring doom metal from Arlington, Texas! Limited edition on white vinyl, with new artwork and gatefold sleeve.

  RITUALS OF THE OAK - COME TASTE THE DOOM (LP/EYES LIKE SNOW)  On their second full length the Australian doomsters continue where they left off with their magnificent debut and deliver five cuts of epic, melancholic doom metal, crowned by the warm, powerful voice of vocalist Sabine Hamad. Limited to 333 copies on white vinyl in gatefold sleeve.

  SONS OF OTIS - SPACEJUMBOFUDGE (LP/ALONE)  First ever vinyl issue of this classic '95 debut album. Hard doom, space and stoner psych for fans of 'Meddle'-era Pink Floyd, Hawkwind and early Monster Magnet. On coloured vinyl.

  DENIZEN - WHISPERING WILD STORIES (CD/SELF RELEASE)  This fine new album by the French band is a potent set of powerful, straight forward heavy rock. 'Whispering Wild Stories' reveals more sludge and stoner influences than their past releases. Includes a daring cover of the Cream-classic 'Sunshine Of Your Love'.

  CHRIS WILSON - SLOW DEATH LIVE (CD/APC)  The songs on this CD are taken from different periods of Chris Wilson's career. As the album title suggests, a bitchin' version of one of The Flamin' Groovies' brillant songs, 'Slow Death', is also included, next to f.i. a cover version of Gene Clark's 'She Don't Care About Time'. A must have for all Flamin' Groovies-fans.

 GULLS - RUNNING TIMES (12"/BOOMARM NATION)  Gulls is the music of Boomarm Nation founder Jesse Munro Johnson, who explores the reaches of dub space and sci-fi poly-rhythmics. Buzzing synths meet thick fuzzy samples and more!

  OCCVLTA/SALUTE - SPLIT 7" (7"/DOOMENTIA)  Seeing British sleaze warlords Salute going to battle next to Berlins Occvlta is no surprise as both bands could have easily come out of the same womb. Both are power-trio's, both have their feet planted firmly in the '80s sounds of punk and metal. Get out your denim and leather and crank up the volume!

  JACK ELLISTER - THE MAN WITH THE BIOCHOPPER (7"/FRUITS DE MER)  The A-side is an impressive slice of neo-psychedelia. On the flip you get Jack's reinterpretation of The Rolling Stones' 'Citadel'.

  BEAUTIFY JUNKYARDS - FROM THE MORNING (7"/FRUITS DE MER)  This Portuguese band recorded a 7-inch single with two notable covers. The A-side features a beautiful version of a Nick Drake song, while the flip contains a superb reworking of Os Mutantes' 'Fuga No.2', which combines that distinctive Brazilian take on psychedelia with electronic elements.  


  (ST. THOMAS) PEPPER SMELTER - SOUL & PEPPER (CD/LION PRODUCTION)  CD-reissue of a real killer psych album from Peru,1969. Featuring ex-members of legendary outfit Los Shaines, (The St. Thomas) Pepper Smelter delivered a collection of note worthy originals and fuzzed out versions of a.o. Jimi Hendrix' 'Purple Haze' and Iron Butterfly's 'In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida'. This release includes three previously unreleased tracks, reproduced miniature LP-sleeve and more goodies. Utterly essential for all fans of South-American psychedelia!

  TEX SOUL & THE BAYONETS - UTO NWA/OSI NA NGADA (7"/ACADEMY)  Reissue of a fantastic 1972 Afro-funk single from Nigeria. Though unheard of in the dance halls and on the radio waves of the country's principal metropolis of Lagos, Tex Soul was a hero in the eastern city of Aba, where his music and shows remain the stuff of local legends. And not without reason!

  PRETTY THINGS - S.F. SORROW LIVE IN LONDON (7"/FRUITS DE MER)  Wow! Here are four live recordings, both recent and from the late '60s, of the Pretty Things playing songs from their legendary S.F. Sorrow rock opera-album. The tracks are 'S.F. Sorrow Is Born', 'She Says Good Morning', 'Baron Saturday' (live at the 100 Club, 2010), and 'Renaissance Fair' (recorded live in Amsterdam, 1969). Coloured vinyl!

  POLIPHONY - POLIPHONY (CD/AUDIO ARCHIVES)  First time on CD for this ultra rare UK prog-jazz fusion private-pressing, recorded in Birmingham, in 1973. This powerful instrumental album of original songs is comparable to The Running Man, Samurai and Blue Phantom and successfully combines rock, jazz and blues to stunning effect.

  GASLIGHT - GASLIGHT (CD/AUDIO ARCHIVES)  The debut CD release for this impossibly rare self released album from the UK's early '70s underground folk scene. Expect accomplished musicianship with wandering violin, guitars and moody vocals, on a mixture of original and traditional folk tunes in similar territory to Marie Celeste, Oberon, Mourning Phase and Tickawinda. 


  SHINDIG! issue 27 (July-August 2012) offers hours and hours (and hours) of reading pleasure for the sixties connoisseur. Get your copy and find out all you ever wanted to know about California's garage-psych legends The Chocolate Watch Band, DC's extraordinary psych-unit The Fallen Angels, The Amboy Dukes (with the one and only Ted Nugent on guitar), Ireland's r&b-legends The Wheels (who almost recruited one Van Morrison as their lead singer) and much more. And of course you get loads of reviews of the latest reissues and contemporary releases. 



  STONE BREATH - THE NIGHT BIRDS PSALM (CD/HAND/EYE)  reviewed by Henk Rijkenbarg for Heaven (translated excerpt)  Dark pastoral folk with the aura of a lost, timeless classic.

  GOBLIN MARKET - BENEATH FAR GONDAL'S FOREIGN SKY (CD/GREEN MONKEY)  reviewed by Eric van Domburg-Scipio for Heaven (translated excerpt)  ...this project once again points out that Jeff Kelley is one of today's most underestimated forces in America's music scene.

  ALAMAAILMAN VASARAT - VALTA (CD/NORDIC NOTES)  reviewed by Gowaart Van Den Bossche for Enola (translated excerpt)  Not suitable for daily consumption, but once in a while this is a very tasty banquet. 

  SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT - REVELATION & MYSTERY (LP-CD/WORLD IN SOUND)  reviewed by Prikkie for FileUnder (translated excerpt)  45 minutes of groovy, bluesy psychedelia, that pass by to quickly each time.

  DARXTAR - AGED TO PERFECTION (LP-CD/TRANSUBSTANS)  reviewed by Carry Munter for Carrysnewundergroundmusic (translated excerpt)  ...a fabulous collection of music. As far as I'm concerned this is one of this year's best releases.

  PATHS OF PRAKRITI - AXIS MUNDI (CD/MERLINS NOSE)  reviewed by Marius Roeting for New Folk Sounds (translated excerpt)  Suitable for those who want to take a trip without using hallucinatory substances, but with zeroes and ones.

  BODUF SONGS - INTERNAL MEMO (10"/MORC)  reviewed by Mick Buckingham for Fluid Radio (excerpt)  Not only refreshingly onorthodox for records of this length, but additionally for Folk that veers into constituencies with modern indie.


  WILDWOOD - PLASTIC PEOPLE (2CD/FRANTIC)  reviewed by Eric Collin Reidelberger for Shindig! (excerpt)  Finding a nice middle ground between The Music Machine, Iron Butterfly and Steppenwolf, this collection has been ruling my life lately.

  BIG BOY PETE - COLD TURKEY (CD/GEARFAB)  reviewed by Tonio van Vugt for Zone5300 (translated excerpt)  ...two legendary singles with ten more gems from the period 1965-1972 on a terrific compilation.


EXCITEMENTS (PENNIMAN)  June 29: Brussels, B (Couleur Café) / July 21: Lichtenvoorde, NL (Zwarte Cross) / August 5: Venlo, NL (Parkfestival) / August 5: Roermond, NL (Solar Weekend)

LA IRA DE DIOS (WORLD IN SOUND, NASONI)  September 15: Zwolle, NL (Eureka)

OS HAXIXINS (GROOVIE)  September/October t.b.a.



DEAN ALLEN FOYD (CRUSHER)  Autumn/winter t.b.a.

SIENA ROOT (HEAD SPIN, TRANSUBSTANS, a.o.)  November 16: Helmond, NL (Lakei) / November 17: Leuven, B (Sojo)




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