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Formed in Philadelphia and now based in Northern California, The Asteroid No. 4 have been melting minds since the late '90s, with a prolific discography of reverb-drenched recordings that span the sonic spectrum. Influenced by the finest psychedelic bands of every era, from The Beatles to The Rain Parade to Spacemen 3, the group has a unique sound that expands exponentially under the liquid light projections of their fabled live performances. A bespoke slice of stellar psych pop crafted especially for Hypnotic Bridge, 'Under My Umbrella' finds The Asteroid No. 4 time-tripping back to the heyday of psychedelia's first wave. With prerequisite ADT vocal recording, Leslie speakers, Mellotron, harpsichord and backward guitars, the band pays homage to revered masters such as Tomorrow, The Beatles, The Bee Gees, Donavon, The Hollies (and many more), embracing the atmosphere of London circa 1967 so succinctly that many listeners assume the song is a long-lost classic of the era. 'House Of The Seventh Moon' takes a more organic approach, enveloping listeners with echoes of The Moody Blues, Grapefruit, Orange Bicycle, early Hawkwind and legendary Bay Area bands that shaped the soundscape of The Asteroid No. 4's current home. Which is appropriate, as the rich Victorian vernacular of San Francisco and the idyllic countryside of Northern California inspired not only the songs on this single, but also the complementary artwork by one of the band's favorite artists, Andrew McGranahan, who employed vintage imagery enhanced with a thoroughly modern color palate.


Devil Flower Mantis is a heavy psych band from Athens, Greece, founded in late 2016. In the summer of 2019 they released their first self-titled EP digitally. The band's influences vary, from early '70s heavy to thrash, sludge and grunge, all with a splash of psychedelic seasoning. Song lyrics could be described as completely esoteric. They revolve around internal fears, instincts and personal insight. The band has shared the stage with some of the finest bands of today's Greek underground heavy rock scene.


The Dhaze are a power trio,based in Naples, founded in 2017 by Simone Pennucci (vocals/guitar), Vincenzo La Tegola (bass/vocals) and Lorenzo Manna (drums). The band plays a personal variety of psychedelic rock, firstly influenced by '70s music, stoner rock, doom metal and pure lysergic sounds, but also inspired by other musical contexts such as grunge or alternative rock. Among the band influences we find Colour Haze, All Them Witches, Kyuss, Tea Party, Tool, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Dead Meadow and many others. All the artwork concept was realized by Ernesto Nuss, a very active Neapolitan artist! 'Deaf Dumb Blind' is the The Dhaze's debut album. Lyrics are inspired by the dark side of human nature, passing towards the psychological abyss of perceptions, of neurosis and of the deepest fears that live inside each one of us.


Elds Mark plays dark and mellow folk-inspired instrumental rock. It was established as a side project by musicians from Jordsjo and Obliteration among others, and the album was recorded autumn 2019 in Våler, Ostfold, Norway. The songs try to capture the feelings of old cabins and silent mountain lakes, and should appeal to fans of Ragnarök, Landberk, Träden and Scandinavian jazz and folk music. The black vinyl version is limited to 250 copies and includes a 12 page colour booklet.


Frayle makes music for the night sky. The group was formed in 2017 by guitarist Sean Bilovecky (formerly of now defunct Man's Ruin recording artists Disengage) and vocalist Gwyn Strang , a singer with an alluring voice and an equally compelling flair for imagery. Frayle's "lullabies over chaos" approach to songwriting allows the group the freedom to explore what is possible with heavy music; its gorgeously ominous sound is a result of complex layering and tone stacking while simultaneously overseeing the perfectly delicate balance between heaving, heavy riffs and haunting vocal melodies. Gwyn's lyrics tell stories of heartbreak, anger, hypocrisy and resolution, asking the audience for empathy, and in turn inspiring vulnerability. Her angelic, siren like voice pulls at the tension between wanting to dissolve into the universe and needing to stand on top of it, riding each wave with elastically ethereal phrases that bring to mind Cocteau Twins' Elizabeth Fraser or Portishead's Beth Gibbons. This dynamic is also reflected in Frayle's music, where dark, brooding guitars and percussion are both fighting against and propelling the emotion and melody carried by Strang's magnetic voice. In addition to vocalist Gwyn Strang and guitarist Sean Bilovecky, Frayle features drummer Pat Ginley, bassist Eric Mzik and guitarist Elliot Rosen.


While definitely a child of noise rock, La Jungle takes bits-and-bobs from the whole music spectrum and loop them live with the aim to create compulsive and repetitive sequences. Hypnotic, spontaneous and willingly throbbing, sometimes bordering on an endless groove, their music may even include brief oriental doom pulses or metal diversions bang in the middle of some kraut rock epic trip. This double live album immerses you in the incredible energy of Dour Festival in Belgium and a trans show at the Périscope in Lyon, France.


In 1969 Bracknell based blues rock outfit Levee Camp Moan released what was destined to become one of the most sought after UK private pressings of the period. Issued on the County Recording Services label (SVVS 132), a small run of discs was pressed up and sold locally at gigs as well as being handed out to friends. Housed in an obligatory custom built sleeve that had a snapshot of the group pasted onto the front, this LP marked out their status as one of the most exciting bands to emerge out of the thriving local underground scene in the Bracknell Delta. The group had taken their name from the old blues number and the band members, manager and assorted roadies took up residence in a local farmhouse known as Peacock Farm. It was there that LCM would rehearse into the small hours thumping out a mixture of blues standards as well as their own compositions until they had become a tight unit ready to 'take on the world'. Influences ranged from the urban blues of Otis Rush, Buddy Guy and Junior Wells to Muddy Waters, Skip James and beyond. The more or less contemporary white blues of the time, Canned Heat, Savoy Brown and Paul Butterfield also served as a major source of inspiration. From their humble roots LCM quickly built up a following on the British Blues circuit, frequenting the likes of the Marquee, Crawdaddy, Klooks Kleek, Eel Pie Island and Rikki Tik club. On the college circuit they toured extensively with Chickenshack, Canned Heat and Muddy Waters with performances being of a high enough standard to generate record company interest. Unable to secure a record deal, they had no other choice but to do it themselves. And so it was in the winter months of early '69 that LCM entered Virgin Sound in nearby Windsor to lay down eight tracks recorded on a four track machine. At the time of its creation the term private pressing would have had little or no relevance in musical circles and the significant thing to remember is that in such cases there is no record company interference and what the band was able to produce under these conditions was the archetypal private pressing, raw, under produced and thrillingly primitive. The project successfully captured the spirit and aggression of an exciting new band and the original artefact is now a zeitgeist of that remarkable era. After Levee Camp Moan, Ian Campbell went on to carve out a busy musical career performing with, amongst many others, the Nashville Teens, Arthur Brown's band and Mungo Jerry. Bassist Dave Stubbs played with a host of notables including gigs in Eric Clapton's band and lengthy tours with Uli Jon Roth (ex Scorpions). This is the first, legitimate vinyl reissue of this extraordinarily rare album. Includes insert with rare photos and full band history by Pete Sarfas.


Colour t.b.a. The Lost Stoned Pandas were born from a conversation between Welsh spacerockers Sendelica's Pete Bingham and writer/musician Kris Needs during the recording of the 2019 Sendelica/The Orb/Secret Knowledge collaboration EP 'Windmill', with the name coming from a very surreal GIF of cavorting pandas. One thing led to another and a cupboard-full of pandas convened at Mwnci studios in sunny West Wales in July 2019 for a rather magical couple of days of drinking, eating and recording. In attendance with Panda Pete was Panda Paul: violin (ex-Curved Air), Panda Chris: electronics (ex-Space Ritual), Panda Jack: drums (Sendelica), Panda Kate: cello and Panda Glenda: bass (Sendelica). Autumn/winter saw the recordings being dissected, manipulated and re-assembled by Panda Colin, Panda Marc (Astralasia) and Panda Pete. The track titles are probably a reflection of just how lost and stoned this particular 'embarrassment' of pandas were (apparently, that is the correct collective noun for a bunch of them). "The sound gushes, flows, winds like a cosmic rattlesnake and occasionally sprouts a rhino's todger." ~Kris Needs (Electronic Sounds Magazine). From ambient bliss through ethnic rhythms to spacerock, The Lost Stoned Pandas are out there, somewhere.


This is the third full length record from the amazing studio sessions that lead to the 'Hallucinations Inside The Oracle' and 'Kybalion' records. These 5 tracks are hardly outtakes though. They show yet another side of the creative force that entered into the studio for 3 days in Nov. 2016. Afrobeat inspiration, Miles Davis surfaces again, Tangerine Dream and some just psychedelic rock! Limited to 150 copies on black vinyl.


'Scarlet' is the 2020 album from Spanish sludge rock trio Rosy Finch. Their take on the stoner genre is a furious and eclectic blend of influences ranging from Sonic Youth to the Melvins, showcasing brooding and atmospheric vocals laced with insidious and heavy riffs. Rosy Finch breaks out of the mould and take the listeners on a completely different path than the one usually expected from a band of this genre.


'A Band For All Seasons' is a hugely extended version of Fruit de Mer's 2018 3LP set 'The Three Seasons - Songs From 1966-68', which sold out pretty much instantly. CD1: 01. The Past Tense - Magic In The Air (originally by The Attack : recorded 1967) 02. Anton Barbeau - Sunshine Superman (originally by Donovan : December 1965) 03. Campbell Stokes Sunshine Recorder - Amelia Jane (originally by Made In Sheffield : 1967) 04. LoveyDove - Bedazzled (originally by Drimble Wedge and the Vegetations : 1967) 05. Jack Ellister - Aquarius (originally by The Zodiac: Cosmic Sounds : 1967) 06. Rob Gould - Granny Takes A Trip (originally by The Purple Gang : 1967) 07. Mark McDowell - Up The Wooden Hills To Bedfordshire (originally by The Small Faces : 1966) 08. The Electric Prunes - 7 and 7 is (originally by Love : 1966) 09. Moonweevil - Child Of The Sky (originally by The Deviants : 1967) 10. Kris Gietkowski - A-Minor Explosion (originally by Don Shinn : 1966) 11. Jay Tausig - Time Has Told Me (originally by Nick Drake : 1968) 12. Starlings Planet - The Story (originally by Please : 1968) 13. Bhopal's Flowers - I Feel Free (originally by Cream : 1966) 14. Spygenius - Paper Sun/Love Is Only Sleeping (originally by Traffic/The Monkees : 1967) 15. The Jeremy Band - Pictures Of Matchstick Men (originally by Status Quo : 1968) 16. Cat Frequency - Flameout (originally by 101 Strings : 1968) 17. The Yardbirds - Think About It (live in 2016) (originally by The Yardbirds : 1968) CD2: 01. The Locker Room Cowboys - We Love You (originally by The Rolling Stones : 1967) 02. King Penguin - White Bird (written in 1967, released by It's A Beautiful Day : 1969) 03. Aunt Cynthia's Cabin - Solitary Man (originally by Neil Diamond : 1966) 04. The Luck Of Eden Hall - Reflected (originally by Alice Cooper : 1968) 05. The Honey Pot - Kites (written by Hackaday/Pockriss; recorded by The Rooftop Singers/Simon Dupree and the Big Sound : 1967) 06. London Underground - Mercy, Mercy, Mercy (originally by Cannonball Adderley : 1966) 07. Mysterious Clouds featuring Your Friend - Mobius Trip (originally by H.P. Lovecraft : 1968) 08. Permanent Clear Light - Refugees (originally by Van Der Graaf Generator : 1969) 09. Cary Grace - 1983...(A Merman I Should Turn To Be) (originally by the Jimi Hendrix Experience : 1968) 10. Echo Train - Portland '69 (originally by Hunger : 1969) 11. Moon Goose - It Ain't True (originally by Faine Jade : 1967) 12. July - My Clown (live in 2016) (originally by July : 1968) CD3: 01. Sidewalk Society - A Saying For Today (originally by The Action : 1968) (4:04) 02. Jay Tausig - Let No Man Steal Your Thyme (trad. recorded by Anne Briggs : 1963 / Pentangle : 1968) 03. Magic Bus - Tribal Gathering (originally by The Byrds : 1967) 04. Proud Peasant - Down At Circe's Place (originally by Touch : 1968) 05. Icarus Peel's Acid Reign - Beck's Bolero (originally by Jeff Beck Group : 1966) 06. The Green Ray - Dusty (originally by John Martyn : 1968) 07. Ex Norwegian - Winter (originally by Family : 1968) 08. Consterdine - Fly (originally by J.K. & Co : 1968 09. The Gold Needles - The Smell of Incense (originally by West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band : 1967) 10. I Am Voyager 1 - I Never Asked To Be Your Mountain (originally by Tim Buckley : 1967) 11. Elfin Bow & Gary Lloyd - Autumn Stone (originally by The Small Faces: 1968) 12. The Telephones - I Can Hear The Grass Grow (originally by The Move : 1967) 13. Fuchsia - See Emily Play (originally by Pink Floyd : 1967) 14. The Purple Gang - Boon Tune (originally by Syd Barrett : 1967) 15. Mr.Armageddon and the Suicide Society - We Are Normal (originally by The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band : 1968) 16. Vert:x - Emotions (originally by Love : 1966) CD4: 01. Chad and Jeremy - Rest In Peace (unplugged) (originally by Chad and Jeremy : 1967) 02. Schizo Fun Addict - Dedicated To The One I Love (originally by The "5" Royales : 1957 / The Mamas and The Papas : 1967) 03. Hanford Flyover - Just Another Day (originally by Neon Pearl : 1967) 04. Us and Them - What Did You Do To My Life (originally by Neil Young: 1968) 05. Nathan Hall - Please Read Me (demo) (originally by the Bee Gees: 1967) 06. Cat Frequency - Ski-ing (originally by George Harrison : 1968) 07. The Alain Pire Experience - Only A Northern Song (originally by the Beatles : 1967) 08. Cranium Pie - Baby You're A Rich Man (originally by The Beatles : 1967) 09. LoveyDove - Gently As You Feel (originally by The Flies : 1967) 10. Crystal Jacqueline Acoustic Band - Granchester Meadows (originally by Pink Floyd : 1969) 11. Back Street Carnival - Pretty Song from 'Psych-Out' (originally by The Strawberry Alarm Clock : 1968) 12. Claudio Cataldi with Aldo Ammirata - White Light, White Heat (originally by the Velvet Underground : 1968) 13. The Lemon Clocks - Crimson & Clover (originally by Tommy James & The Shondells : 1968) 14. Marc Brierley - Welcome To The Citadel (solo in 2018) (originally by Marc Brierley : 1968) 15. I Am Voyager 1 - Sky Children (originally by Kaleidoscope : 1967) 16. The Pretty Things - Loneliest Person (live at the Half Moon in 2010) (originally by The Pretty Things : 1968)




Four track EP featuring the tracks 'In L.A.', 'You And Me', 'Who's Blue', 'The Drifter'. Limited to 500 copies !


The Minnesota Voodoo Men formed in 1998 in Japan. They have since not only developed a unique and absolutely fantastic lofi-garage-surf-beat-sound but also built their reputation as mindblowing live act. 'Voodoo Stomp' is an extremely catchy, cool '60s-beat-tune while the B-side is a live-recording of 'Iikimochi', a slightly calmer ballad.


The Breadmakers from Melbourne, Australia return after a break with their self-titled album. This album includes cover versions from 'Ain't Goin' Nowhere', a heavy '60s garagefuzz tune originally by Danny Burke & The Invaders and the Aussie garage classic 'Moonshine', originally from The Marksmen.


The 2020 album from Spanish rock'n'roll/rockabilly artist Pike Cavalero contains two songs in Spanish.


'ONLY DANCEFLOOR KILLERS' - The Woody Wagon series has given the opportunity to less known compositions or songs to get into the spotlight. Centered in material recorded between the end of the 50s and the end of the 60s. Tracks: 01. The Shot Downs - Four In The Floor 02. The Chevrons - Good Good Lovin' 03. Ronnie Goode - Crazy Bait 04. The Rock Fellers - Orange Peel 05. Noel Deschamps - Pour Le Pie 06. Al Dean - Handman 07. Geo Lester - Cold Dark Night 08. Maylon Dewitt - Never, Never 09. Grady Lewis - Runaway Lover 10. Bill Vellin & The Shadows - What'll I Do 11. Jimmy Witter & The Shadows - My King Of Woman 12. Dickie Loader - Rocky Road Blues 13. The Bellmonts - Walk On Boy 14. Bobby Darin - Similau 15. The Brothers - Lazy Susan 16. The Bee Bops - Wanderling Blue 17. The Locos - Malaguena Salerosa


Wild debut album from Austria's Zahltag. These folks rock in the German/Austrian language. Only self-penned songs with great and funny lyrics.




Massicot's 'Kratt' album occupies a strange and wonderful Reuleaux triangle situated between the traditional spiritual story telling mysticism of North European pagan folklore, Latin and middle eastern inspired polyrythms and post punk. Its meandering arrangements are full and juicy, yet formed from the simplest elements, they are minimal, sculpted and refined. Bouncing and multitimbral percussive tapestries are coupled with thick pulsating baselines to form tightly wound rolling beats, accented by citric guitar hooks that bring to mind the percussive pique and jag of Glenn Branca or Talking Heads and soothed by Latvian chant-like and choral vocal melodies, Massicot choreograph a sort of carnival caousel dance eternal that locks in the mind and lures the body. The groove is key, mechanical, yet nuanced, seductive and human.


'EXPERIMENTAL & ELECTRONIC MUSIC FROM SWITZERLAND 1981-1983' - Décalé Records and Bongo Joe Records present a compilation placing the spotlight on the Swiss experimental and electronic scene of the '80s and the early '90s. The compilation 'Intenta' assembles under-appreciated gems, sought-after titles and newly mixed versions. It places leftfield synth-pop next to otherworldly jazz, and joins the dots between lyrical post-punk excursions and proto-house experimentation. The compilation covers a period of transition: When songs mutated into sounds. When synthesizers and samplers became the règle du jeu in DIY music-making. When a politicized youth movement slowly gave way to the hedonistic embrace of techno culture in Switzerland. 'Intenta' mines the outer fringes of a scene yet to be. Many of these experimenters were pretty much on their own. Often the only way you would get in touch was at the local synth dealer. A spirit of bold improvisation inhabited studios between Geneva and St. Gallen: these artists were articulating pop sensibilities (Air Project, Sky Bird, D-Sire, Peter Philippe Weiss), entering computer worlds (Claudine Chirac, Olivier Rogg, Carlos Perón), exploring exotic shores (Andreas Hofer, Bells Of Kyoto, Fizzè), building future discothèques (Aborted At Line 6, Carol Rich, UnknownmiX) or finding glacial bliss (Dressed Up Animals, Elephant Château, I Suonatori). The compilation was put together by Matthias Orsett and Maxi Fischer. 'Intenta' unfolds as a sonic story that is laid-back yet energetic, sultry yet daring. The two crate diggers set out to meet with many of the artists arrayed here. Memories were shared, wine bottles opened. There were moments of sadness: Karl Lienert Löwenherz (Dressed Up Animals) and Claudius Scholer (Sky Bird) passed away during the making of this project. What remains of this journey into the backrooms of Swiss popular culture, is 'Intenta'. If you listen closely, it will reveal a nation on the move. Beyond the Matterhorn, there is sweetness and light.




Inocentes' 'Miseria E Fome E Mais' LP on Radiation and Brazialian cult label Nada Nada collects the full 'Miseria E Fome' LP, along with one unreleased track from the same session and the whole Inocentes set from the legendary 'O Comeco Da Fim Do Mundo' festival from 1982. Sourced from the original master tapes from 1983, this limited to 500 vinyl reissue comes with poster and printed inner with uneeen photos provided by the band. Fully remastered sound for both recordings, this is an enhanced overdue tribute to one of most iconic names of Sao Paulo's first wave of punk rock.




Siberian Nordic ritual folk band Nytt Land opens a new chapter with the 6th album 'Cvlt' to take you on a mystic travel-path of shamans. Ritual songs of ancient Siberia and Scandinavia in an atmospheric mix of traditional throat singing, authentic musical instruments, overdriven guitars and electronic music. Featuring Tuomas Rounakari and Jonne Järvelä from Korpiklaani as guest musicians.


Laurent Perrier continues his 'Plateforme' series by inviting French musician David Fenech. 'Plateforme' is a concept, a restrictive framework Perrier imposed on himself: to create an electronic music piece using solely a set of sound recordings provided by a "collaborator". The result shifts between krautrock on side A (produced by Fenech) and electroacoustic music with a taste of Ralph Records on side B (produced by Perrier). Laurent Perrier is a French electronic musician who composes and performs exclusively on modular synthesizers. An ex-member of the French cult industrial band NOX and founder of the record label and record shop Odd Size Records. He's now releasing his own music under the many monikers (Zonk't, Pylône, Cape Fear, Heal). David Fenech is a French musician living in Paris. His style has been described as 'a kind of punk musique concrète'. He uses the studio as an instrument, using a large panel of recording techniques. He has played and recorded with musicians such as Nurse With Wound, Felix Kubin, Jad Fair, Tom Cora, Rhys Chatham, Pascal Comelade, Jac Berrocal, Ghédalia Tazartès, Ergo Phizmiz, Pierre Bastien, and many others.


2019 album by this dark ambient, free improvisation, experimental duo from Lille, France.


'Buried Steel' is the fourth album from Birmingham industrial metal duo Khost, following the 2017 release 'Governance'. Themes and sonics of 'Buried Steel' range from granite and impassive to dreamlike and somnambulistic, in keeping with the promise - and threat - of the title, dwelling on slow, infallible ruination: a gravitational downthrust upon misshapen monuments and structures which are mangled, overgrown and increasingly forgotten. A monochrome landscape where nature reclaims and redefines us as time passes. Recording of the album was marred with events such as an electrical fire which damaged some equipment. As a result, a number of tracks on the album had to be pieced together from damaged analogue elements such as reel to reel (Khost reel to reel RIP). From this point, the dynamic of some of the songs was altered, shifting their eventual outcome, particularly the tone of ambient work on 'Buried Steel'. Guests include Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire, Wrangler), Syan, Eugene Robinson (Oxbow), Manuel Liebeskind, Daniel Buess (16-17, Mir) and Stephen Ah Burroughs (Tunnels Of Ah, ex-Head Of David). CD in 6-panel digipak with artwork contributions from Talitha Bell, Syan and Craig Earp.




From Malmö, Sweden The Driftwood Sign brings you heavy music, combining metal, heavy rock and post-grunge with strong melodic vocal melodies.




Etienne Jaumet: alto saxophone, synth, Gilbert Artman - electronic drums, groovebox, harmonium, xylophone. Cover by Marc Bati.




Reissued on vinyl is the 1988 single by the son of legendary Studio One/Treasure Isle recording artist Alton Ellis. Produced by Anthony "Basic" Hibbert, 'Live In Love' is a classic digital roots tune that has stood the test of time with ease and glory.


Jah Embassy Players is a side project of Jahmbassador Hi-Fi, one of Belgium's best known soundsystems. From 2010 on, these musicians have been steadily working on their sound and also create their own dubs. Here available on 7-inch, 'Tribal' remains one of Jahmbassador's most wicked guidance tunes with a continuous dub drive and effective horns. This is an edition of 300 copies, coming in recycled grey cardboard sleeves with silver printing.


A fantastic conscious roots reggae single from Ivory Coast-based singer Aimann Raad, coming with a virtuoso melodica cut on the flipside! This is an edition of 500 copies, coming in recycled grey cardboard sleeves with silver printing.




Breidablik is a progressive electronic band from Bergen, Norway. Breidablik was formed by Morten Birkeland Nielsen in 2013 with the idea of creating music inspired by the classic Berlin School of Electronic Music movement in the 1970 and 1980s, albeit with a more contemporary musical expression. Breidablik's music is mainly based on analog synthesizers, although acoustic and electric guitars, as well as flutes and percussion, are included as added zest. Conceptually, 'Omicron' deals with circularity and the album contains a two-part title track with a total playing time of 44 minutes that should be played back-to-back. For 'Omicron', Breidablik has reqruited Håkon Oftung (Jordsjo, Elds Mark, ex-Tusmorke) as guitarist and flutist.




Ketu Records presents the reissue of this album from the Nigerian band The Faces. Originally released in 1975, 'Wake Up Today' differs from the Afro-funk productions of that time through a more Afro-funk-garage approach.



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