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One of the most powerful, angst-drenched 45s to come out of Australia EVER!!! This 1966 monster has EVERYTHING - pounding drums, AS Oloman's manic high pitched guitar - the driving, Entwistle-style bass and those strained, emotive vocals made this a regional hit and was only the b-side! The band came from Lithgow, New South Wales, quickly establishing themselves as the best act around, earning a deal with Festival Records and were about from 1965 until 1971, but only had two singles out unfortunately. They evolved into Tymepiece in 1967, moving into a more progressive sound, but left this behind thankfully on it's first official reissue. Made with full blessing from the band, this ace 45 comes in specially made company paper sleeves in wavy tops.


Second album by the mostly instrumental psych rockers from USA, ElonMusk. This album is like an epos, one long thing over 2 LP sides. Mostly instrumental, floating space-psych-acid rock with a hint of darkness in it and heavy grooving bass. Kind of a Pink-Floydish-Doom-Session with an Electric Moon influence. The trio is well known for deep space exploration on a psychedelic level, to expand your mind and get you some inner visuals. For fans of Electric Moon, Zone Six, OM, Earthless, Pink Floyd, My Sleeping Karma, and so on. Limited to 500 copies on purple wax in gatefold cover.


This time we dive into The Heads archives for the 'Reverberations Series' to bring you The Heads recorded live at the Thekla (6th December 2001) as part of the 'The Gnostic Bash: A Tribute To Kenneth Anger'. This was part of a tribute programme (which included a performance of John Zorn and others playing to Anger's 'Magick Lantern Cycle' at the Anthology Film Archives in New York) to help raise money for Anger's long- cherished ambition to make a film of Aleister Crowley's Gnostic Mass, and documentary film-maker Jon Ausbrooks' then work in progress documentary about Anger, 'Inside The Eye Of Scorpio Rising'. Sean Cook was tasked with putting a bill of artists together in which bands played to a partial recreation of Anger's 'Equinox Of The Gods', a live film of The Magick Powerhouse Of Oz band who featured Bobby Beausoleil (later imprisoned for life for the Manson Family-related murder of Gary Hinman). The energy captured within these grooves here is extraordinary; for over 40 minutes (with no breaks to catch your breath and get your head together) you are treated to primo Heads in full flight. This two track performance starts with an utterly mind destroying version of 'k.r.t' that lasts for near on 30 minutes. Playing to a back drop of Anger screenings and a barrage of strobes and smoke The Heads create an effect akin to your head been sucked through time and space and turned inside out - and that is before we even get to the grande finale of 'Spliff Riff' - a relentless onslaught that has you picking your head off the floor only for it to be sucked straight back down again. Take a deep breath, dive in and grin. Limited to 750 copies.


The Kings Of Frog Island were raised on a diet of Kyuss, Monster Magnet, Fu Manchu and early Queens Of The Stone Age. However, their musical influences include '60s psychedelia and '70s rock. The listener will be subtly reminded of artists such as Bowie, The Beatles, Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd. Comes on transparent blue vinyl.


Kitchen Witch are back with their second full length release, 'Earth And Ether'. The path to the dark side continues with seven epic tracks showcasing their heavier rock, metal and blues roots, all wrapped up in a tasty groove. Comes on gold coloured vinyl.


The next instalment of Korb's sonic journey builds upon the solid kosmische foundation laid in their first album and expands on it exponentially. Using vintage instruments and effects, Korb provide a soundtrack that harks back to classic sci fi films, drawing you in and placing you firmly in a futuristic landscape. Limited to 250 copies on splatter vinyl.


This three piece strikes again with a record that represents the band itself: beauty, chaos, tension and relief. This EP is the result of numerous jams where the drums/bass remain frenetic, and the guitar/vocals stand impassive in front of what could look like a big beautiful mess. The band has proudly kept the same team as it's previous LP to work on that new material: this has been recorded at Le K7 studio with Franck Molin, mastered by Renaud de Saint Vaast, and cover designed by the mighty Chufy.


Online recording sessions made during lockdown with various artist around the globe. This mini album features The Orb on track one and is in fact mixed by LX and Michael. Limited to 100 copies on purple rain coloured vinyl. TRACKS: 1. The Great Lockdown of 2020 (The Orb's Freedom Over Fear Mix) 2. Lazy Anyday Afternoon (Pandas Munchies Mix) 3. The Great Lockdown of 2020 (Consterdine's Dr Benway's Cure Mix)


Introducing Natskygge, which combines classic elements of space rock, with the rawness of a well seasoned garage band. Heavy melancholy mix with dreamy otherworldly universes, which - not least emphasized by the lyrical content - makes it clear that Natskygge have a deep interest in expanding the human consciousness. Combining crisp fuzzy guitars, psychedelia, space rock and heavy doom, gives Natskygge a distinctive sound that is sure to suck the listener into their black hole. Comes on transparent blue vinyl.


Steve Palmer is a young guitar player from Minneapolis, and 'Useful Histories' is his second full length release. The first, 'Unblinking Sun' (a 2014 CD on the Dying for Bad Music label) stood out with its wide-ranging instrumental mixture of American Primitive picking and psychedelic rock influences. As its title hints, on 'Useful Histories' those roots remain in spirit, reconfigured and developed due to time and circumstance; recorded over a two-year period as Palmer was required to adjust to a neurological condition that necessitated changes in his guitar technique, eventually catalyzing his larger musical approach in a more experimental and focused direction. The album divides roughly between extended "full-band" songs... alternately cruising down a straight-eight space highway into a full meltdown on the horizon, or avant-choogling their way into the air like some lost late-night ballroom jam... and layered guitar pieces that incorporate looping effects, fluid pensive picking, and the sound of pure electricity coursing through the power lines on a North Midwestern night. Joining forces once again, Sunrise Ocean Bender Records and Deep Water Acres are honored to present Palmer's latest offering of cosmic American psychedelia. Five immersive tracks spread across 37 minutes, with audio mastering by Eric Carbonara at Nada Sound Studio.


Sarkh play instrumental, heavy and intense post-rock/metal. Their theme is nature: the eternal cycle of arise and elapse. The range of beauty to cruelty. The states between peace and violence... Painting those aural pictures, their sound varies between spheric echoism and heavy grooving parts of raging storms. Sarkh are a three piece from the area of Westerwald in Germany. Grown out of the black metal/doom band Hessaja, Sarkh was founded in autumn 2017. After several live shows, they recorded their first EP at the Institut Für Angewandten Krach. In spring 2018, they switched to their current line-up by changing their bassplayer and recorded more tracks in summer together. So the debut album 'Kaskade' was born. Limited to 500 copies clear 180 gram wax, including printed insert. For fans of Motorpsycho, Mogway, My Sleeping Karma.


Here you have a double LP of some of the Scientists' most beguiling songs, mostly taken from their more recent albums - but more than that, you have in total a FOUR LP set, including a second double LP, this time of Soft Hearted Scientists instrumentals - stripped-down and then sewn back together in magical style into four sidelong pieces by Astralasia's Marc Swordfish - for a completely different perspective on their music, unveiling aspects that might otherwise have remained hidden behind Nathan Hall's lead voice and lyrics. Limited to 300 copies.


Brazilian five-piece Son of a Witch are set to release their album 'Commanded By Cosmic Forces'. A record that invites the listener to dig into tectonic tonality and post-grunge melodies, like Jerry Cantrell is fronting Conan. Comes on clear vinyl.


Colour TBA. Over 200 minutes of music inspired by Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Tempel, Popol Vuh and the German electronic music scene of the early '70s. This is a combined double LP and double CD set - no music is repeated between the two formats; many of the tracks have been recorded exclusively for 'Head In The Clouds', many more are getting their first physical release. 2LP: 01. Jah Buddha - Direction Berlin 02. Craig Padilla & Marvin Allen - Aquatic 03. Trace Imprint - Flow and Connect 04. Maat Lander - Ocean Of Tenderness (Originally By Ashra) 05. Saturn's Ambush - Van Allen Belt 06. Jack Ellister - Der Schiffer 07. Anton Barbeau - Berlin School Of Doubt 08. Exedra - Exoplanet Transit 09. Mac Of BIOnighT - Scars 10. Under Golden Canopy - Under Golden Canopy 11. Son Of Ohm - Pixies 2CD: 01. Craig Padilla & Marvin Allen - Weathering The Storm 02. Brendan Pollard - Sequenzerzeit 03. Jay Tausig - Triangulum 04. Mac Of BIOnighT - Manmade Horrors 05. The Lost Stoned Pandas - Track One (Metal Mickey mix) 06. Jah Buddha - Wall Of Blissando 07. Vibravoid - Im Zentrum Des Kosmos Ist Ein Auge Das Alles Sieht 08. Trace Imprint - ...As We Walked Under Water 09. Sula Bassana - Shushie's Reise 10. Craig Padilla - Galaxia 11. Helicon Wave - For Edgar 12. Blue Lily Commission - Half Asleep At The Blue Gates Of Evening 13. Black Tempest - The Sun Rises, The Sun Sets, The Moon Shines


Snowy Dunes have caught a heavy blues. They're far from the only ones. The last couple years have witnessed a nascent surge of soul-driven heavy rock, and whether manifest in the high-order pop hooks of Snowy Dunes' Swedish countryfolk Blues Pills, the grit of New York's Geezer or the dug-in jams of Australia's Child, these worldwide examples are tied together through a blend of sonic fluidity, songcraft, open atmosphere and underlying naturalism that carries across this core sound as a next logical step forward for what in the earlier part of the decade might've been more straight-ahead boogie rock recorded on vintage gear. Snowy Dunes keeps impressing with their psychedelic/blues rock, putting themselves at the top of interesting bands from Sweden! You don't need any recreational drugs to take the journey. Just let the music in and it will do the rest for you. If you like you music spiced with a huge dose of the '70s then you have come to the right band.




The band we came to love known as SubCulture have had a name change, but thankfully not a musical one as the sound that saw them become the Mod Scene's brightest new stars continues to infect our ears with short, sharp bites of teenage angst and energy. As band SubCulture they released four singles on Heavy Soul and this 'Move' 7" will be the beginning of even more quality sounds form the Notts trio. Limited to 250 copies in full colour sleeve.




This 7" by The Sound Of Pop Art brings two tracks with a 'summer-feel-good' vibe. Featuring Darren Robinson (Sha La La's) and Olivier Popincourt.


Swedish troubadour Mattias Hellberg has been an active musician for ages (or at least since the late '80s) and he has collaborated with god knows who on the Scandinavian music scene. In the past he lend his duties to bands like The Hellacopters, The Solution, The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Nationalteatern and Stefan Sundström, and present he's touring and recording with both Håkan Hellström, Erlend Ropstad and Janove (former Kaizers Orchestra). A busy guy indeed. Back in 2000 Mattias Hellberg teamed up with Martin Hederos (they were previous bandmates in Nymphet Noodlers) as the duo Hederos/Hellberg. They released their self-titled debut (actually the songs were meant as demo recordings) in 2000 via Gravitation Records, and it became an instant success. Critics went nuts and Hederos Hellberg played sold out shows all over Scandinavia and Ryan Adams brought them as support throughout Europe. In 2001 Hederos/Hellberg released their second album 'Together In The Darkness' via legendary Swedish label Silence Records. But as Martin Hederos got more busy with his other band The Soundtrack Of Our Lives who started to take off in the US, the duo had to go seperate ways. In the period between 1996 and 2003 Mattias Hellberg had spent time writing his own material, and the split of Hederos/Hellberg left room for him to focus on his solo-material. In 2003 he recorded his self titled debut at Silence Studios and released the album in 2004 via Silence Records. The personal and heartfelt songs revealed a highly talented songwriter in Mattias Hellberg. Since then he has released four more albums under his own name: 'Out Of The Frying Pan' (2008), 'Into The Woods High In The Lowlands' (2011), 'Gurimolla!' (2013) and 'In Egolectric Harmony' (2014). Although several of Mattias Hellberg's other solo releases have been released on vinyl, his self titled debut unfortunately never found it's way unto wax. Until now... Danish label Accelerator Records gives the debut the proper release it deserves, in a limited run of 300 copies on 180 gram black vinyl.


A legendary yet long lost crown jewel from the early '80s Japanese electronic and jazz rock scene. New powerful master, much appreciated by the artist. Mariah was a Japanese outfit in the field of art pop, way back in the very late '70s and early '80s with 5 albums up their score from 1980 to 1983. The album from 1979 entitled as 'Mariah' was actually made before the band Mariah was formed, and was released as a solo album by Yasuaki Shimizu. The album at hand is the fifth and for the time being last album in this row, released as a double vinyl back in 1983. Original copies, that are at least in very good condition, are hard to find. This reissue on Everland, unlike the original and the first vinyl reissue from 2015, comes housed in a thick and artfully designed gatefold sleeve with obi, which finally does justice to the progressive spirit of the music you will find here. The musical basement of 'Utakata No Hibi' is a fusion of dreamy synthesizer pop and haunting new wave music, that could be found all around the globe back in 1983. In the vein of Tears For Fears or more adventurous David Bowie stuff, with a touch of Kraftwerk or even Brian Eno here and there, but all this gets spiced up with an atmosphere of Japanese traditionalism, with a few bits and pieces from the old music from this Far East island, which sounds so magic to us Westeners. The progressive, wacky art pop of this project was led by the popular Japanese composer and musician Yasuaki Shimizu, a relentlessly exploratory saxophonist who even dared to rework Johann Sebastian Bach's cello suites for saxophone. As brilliant as this man is, the music on 'Utakata No Hibi' turns out to be. And the master himself approved and much appreciated the brand new remastering of this album by assisting a highly professional team of sound engineers who dusted off the ancient tape reels. For certain the record sounds and feels '80s through and through, electronic to the very rhythmical bone of each song sugar coated with catchy melodies that resemble Japanese classic and Enka music, which is a kind of folksy pop music. The listener gets directly drawn into a feverish dream of steaming Far Eastern cities and their darkest and most depraved corners where you find everything cheap in sleazy bars and unlighted backyards and alleys. Double 12" in UV-glossy laminated gatefold sleeve with obi. Includes A1 60x60cm poster and lyric sheet. The vinyl comes in Japanese Katta innersleeves.




The Limps were a punk rock band from Annan, UK that were signed to the Matchbox Classics independent record label based in Carlisle. Love Child Records are more than happy to put out these long-lost pieces of '80 new wave/punk tracks, recorded in 1980, in full colour sleeve with flipback sides. On this pressing, the labels are on the wrong way round.


More info soon.


Since 2018, punk band Paracetamol has been impressing audiences with relentless shows where there is still room for nuance in the form of creative riffs and structures within a force field of guitar and barked vocals. This creativity and live energy has now been translated into a debut album that grabs you from the first moment and never lets go. And which, despite an indestructible wall of sound, also sounds surprisingly fresh and clear. Limited to 300 copies.


Now then! Fourteen rare and unreleased tracks taking in all that was good from 1977-1984ish. You get punk, new wave, mod revival and post-punk all within the amazingly created artwork from Alf Button's Revenge. All fully remastered from a whole source of different formats to create a sound crispier than a bag of Wotsits! The names may not be familiar, but the "Sounds From The Street" created will certainly take you back to when all you needed in life was an LP by The Damned, Clash or Jam and a guitar, bass and drums. TRACKS: 01. The Limps - Circa 2 02. Urban Enemies - Someday 03. Patrol - 30 Seconds 04. The Nedia - Bright New Future 05. Backstage Pass - Let Me Show You Love 06. The Twinsets - Talk 07. The Sleepers - Phone You 08. Midnight Hour - Lambs To The Slaughter 09. Reaction - Just A Dream 10. The Detours - One Of The Boys 11. The Face - She Don't Know 12. The Mod-L's - Dance Step Beat 13. Station 360 - Sound Of Today 14. The Ploy - In The Crowd




Aghast was a project by Nebelhexe (wife of Samoth from Emperor) and Nacht (wife of Fenriz from Darkthrone), released in 1994. This album was released back then by legendary Cold Meat Industry and now Eternal Pride gladly presents this re-edition on vinyl! 'Hexerei Im Zwielicht Der Finsternis' is real dark and gloomy ambient, played in a classical dark wave vein. Minimalistic in musical content, but compensated by spooky and ice-cold vocals that will haunt you. The macabre enchantresses in lovely disguises will seduce you to end your life and take you to their ghastly realm from which you will never rise. Let Aghast bewitch you!


Infinite Fog Productions presents the long-awaited complete version of the 'Sara Dale's Sensual Massage' OST with 8 exclusive and unheard tracks. 'Sara Dale's Sensual Massage' was a delightful erotic video with a mystic soundtrack by Coil. Quite unusual for the band: dreamy ambient, almost spa-relaxed soft harmonies, bland tribal rhythms, chimes, and birdsong, but still with the dark mysterious and inimitable charm of Coil's musick. However, the second part of the album explores more rhythmic structures that remind of the 'Gay Man's Guide...' soundtrack. Besides the OST recordings, this edition includes bonus tracks from the 'Basilisk Prod.'s' era: 'Theme From Blue', and grandiose 'The Hills Are Alive' so badly wanted on vinyl. Artwork by Steven Stapleton. Mastering by Martin Bowes. SIDE 1: 1. Sara Dale's Sensual Massage I 2. Sara Dale's Sensual Massage II 3. Sara Dale's Sensual Massage III 4. Sara Dale's Sensual Massage IV 5. Sara Dale's Sensual Massage V SIDE 2: 1. Sara Dale's Sensual Massage VI 2. Sara Dale's Sensual Massage VII 3. Sara Dale's Sensual Massage VIII 4. Sara Dale's Happy End 5. Sara Dale's Bombers 6. Medieval Flange SIDE 3: 1. Plinkerton 2. Volcanozo 3. Aftertouch 4. Gamatalo 5. Theme From Blue I 6. Theme From Blue II SIDE 4: 1.1 Theme From Blue II (UHIIV) 1.2 (silence) 1.3 The Hills Are Alive


Darkwood's 2020 album is about paganism and youth. In a twilight garden of mystic tales and magic sounds, one will meet the norns of the past, present, and future thus remembering one's own youth and learning about the meaning of life. Drifting through all four seasons guided by the power of the runes, one will cross the path of boar, raven, eagle, and wolf and finally touch the hand of the one-eyed god. The twilight garden symbolizes a spiritually imaginary realm beyond the north wind which could not only be a retreat but a place for growing resistance. The 10 songs in English language based upon acoustic guitars appear in a new vein with driving bass lines, raw drums, and electronic soundscapes, here and there revealing dots of accordion and trumpet. Comes on clear vinyl.


Reissue of the third full-lenght album by the French masters of military pop, more gloomy than ever before. First released in 2006, it now comes remastered and with new cover artwork. Limited to 250 copies on black vinyl.


Humming the hymns of twilight. Cloaked in camouflage on the edge of night. Weaving chants of obscurity. Breathing the fog of reverie. Kim Larsen (Of The wand & The Moon/Vril Jäger/Solanaceae etc.) returns as Mark Liens with his third Les Chasseurs de la Nuit album. Featuring 8 tracks ranging from old school '90s neofolk to feverish dream collages and eerie soundscapes. And a bit of monkey samples. Limited to 300 copies.


'Sacro Bosco' ('Sacred Grove') is the starting point for Anna von Hausswolff's album 'All Thoughts Fly'. Here in solo instrumental mode, the entire record consists of just one instrument, the pipe organ, and represents absolute liberation of the imagination. 'All Thoughts Fly' radiates a melancholic beauty, and is distinguished by fluid transitions of contrasting elements; calmness and drama, harmony and dissonance, much like the place that inspires the music.




Modern Witchcraft are 5 disparate East-Midlanders who came together to create something dark, beautiful, and groovy. Incorporating the crushing elements of all that is heavy, and influenced by the likes of Neurosis, Iron Monkey, Charger, Johnny Truant among others, Modern Witchcraft wade through 5 filthy doom soaked sludge hymns on their debut self titled record. Includes download code of the full album. Limited to 150 copies on red with black splatter coloured vinyl.




French producer Darius and Nigerian born future soul artist Wayne Snow unveil their stellar single 'Equilibrium'. The beat instantly catches in a warm and arresting atmosphere. The main melody reveals an uptempo rhythm gently interwoven in Wayne Snow' emotive vocals.




Isabel Frey is a Jewish singer and political activist and dedicates herself mainly to Yiddish revolutionary and resistance songs. Her debut solo album 'Millenial Bundist' is a collection of these kind of songs. On the album, on which she mostly accompanies herself on guitar, the definition of a "revolution song" is broad: in addition to traditional battle songs from the Yiddish workers' movement, it also reinterprets well-known Yiddish folk songs and connects them with today's politics. Where some of the songs are over 100 years old, their topics such as exploitation, migration, state repression or sexual violence are still relevant today.


The currently six-piece folk ensemble Merema was founded in Saransk, Russia, in 2010. The members carried out field studies in Mordovian villages and want to preserve the traditions of their home region. 'Kezeren Koiht' (Old Custom) brings together numerous traditional folk tunes from Mordovia, which have been newly arranged by Merama.



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