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Detroit power trio Shadow Show bring elements of '60s garage-psychedelia into a modern, 21st-century pop-art incarnation. Sleek and spellbinding-yet rooted in the raw, untouchable Detroit sound-their music immerses its audience in frenetic psychedelic grooves and dazzling harmonies. Composed of guitarist Ava East, bassist Kate Derringer, and drummer Kerrigan Pearce, the band debuted in 2018 and launched their debut album, 'Silhouettes', the following year. 'What Again Is Real?' is a righteously psychotic reaction to an increasingly chaotic world. The lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek lyrics light the way to an esoteric path to the mind's eye with a chorus of 12-string guitars, trip-inducing harmonies, and hidden chimes crafted to inspire day-glow fantasies. "Upon this journey," the band declares, "we accept that despite inevitable doom, everything is okay-or so says the girl with the flowers in her head." 'Is This A Dream?' pays loving homage to The Feminine Complex, the Nashville band whose sole album, Livin' Love, was released in 1969. Shadow Show's version of the song takes Mindy Dalton's dreamy organ serenade to new heights, with thunderous drums, vibrant harmonies, and supro-toned guitars. Recorded in Ann Arbor, Michigan, both songs were produced by Matthew Smith (Outrageous Cherry, The Volebeats, The Go) and Shadow Show, recorded and mixed by Kate Derringer, and mastered by Jim Diamond (The White Stripes, The Dirtbombs, Ghetto Recorders).


'Northern Songs' is the band's tenth full length record, following up the 'Collide' LP in 2018. Here, the 12-string folk-rock jangle of the mid-60's Byrds is overlaid with the washed-out vocal harmonies of Ride and topped off with psychedelic drones familiar to Spacemen 3. This is a hypnotic hybrid of several different genres filtered through the kaleidoscope of all things psychedelic.


Featuring members of well known west-coast studio/session collective The Wrecking Crew, a wonderful, sought after 1968 pop-psych LP finally sees its awaited reissue on vinyl! Until now, this extraordinary album existed as a super rare demo LP only. The reissue includes an 8-page booklet which unveils the story behind these sessions. Fans of '60s lyte psych and sunshine goodness will be excited!


From Oakland, CA comes Dungeon Weed with their debut album on Forbidden Place Records! Creepy weird sounds delivered on purple and yellow splatter vinyl. Collector scum rejoice, your time has come! Limited edition of 250 copies on crazy ass splatter vinyl. Deluxe gatefold with insane art from Dmitri Mavra. What are you waiting for? Wizard sludge 100%! Thee nastiest of the nasty! Keep it heavy! A massive fuzz fest!


Kind, the stoner/psych/doom supergroup from Boston featuring Matt Couto (ex-Elder), Tom Corino (ex-Rozamov), Craig Riggs (Roadsaw) and Darryl Shepard (ex-Black Pyramid), return with their second full-length album 'Mental Nudge'. Staying true to their sound but expanding their sonic palette, Kind has crafted seven new songs that cover the aural spectrum. Comes on transparent orange vinyl.


2020 album by one man band Lightsabres, created by multi-instrumentalist John Strömshed. 'Darkness On My Trail' is once again a lofi masterpiece of dark, brooding stoner punk with a dash of melancholy. Comes on black with milky clear splatter vinyl and includes an A3 poster, a single sided insert and a download code. Limited to 150 copies.


Much revered psychedelic stoners Red Spektor return to the fold with their mesmerising sophomore album. Hailing from Stoke-on-Trent, this heavy rock trio has crafted a hard-hitting valve driven sound loaded with layers of psychedelic blues, which tips its cap to the late '60s and early '70s. In taking cues from early Sabbath and Purple, underpinned by the intoxicating flow of Jimi Hendrix and the musicality of Fleetwood Mac, Red Spektor have developed a solid live reputation and many loyal followers. Comes on gold coloured vinyl.


REZN's 2020 offering 'Chaotic Divine' continues their melding of gargantuan heaviness and lysergic calm. Additionally, it continues the band's penchant for tying the music to a visual landscape. 'Let It Burn' revolved around a cosmic and volcanic terrain inspired by the vastness of space; 'Calm Black Water' conjured the deepest trenches of the ocean; and 'Chaotic Divine' presents an endless desert world inoculated by spores from extra/intra-terrestrial beings. The conceptual element is buoyed by the continued cover art contributions from Allyson Medeiros, whose post-apocalyptic landscape for 'Chaotic Divine' recalls the epic fantasy spirit of Roger Dean's classic '70s album art. The album was engineered by Dylan Piskula (DEN, Bruges) at JAMDEK in Chicago in December 2019, mixed by Matt Russell (Bruges, Moral Void), mastered by Carl Saff. Presented here is the exclusive EU pressing by Off The Record Label on 2LP, in gatefold, on heavyweight gold/black marbled vinyl. Limited edition of 400 copies!


Sneglefeber sends the listener out on a bone-crushing-heavy crawl on a gravel road with the stomach as the primary means of transportation. The band mixes slow slimy riffs with harsh desperate screams into a strongly addictive doom-drink. Lead-heavy rock with an added mixture of acid and horror the pegs are turned backward, the pitch reduced tremendously, and the amplifiers turned up to the max in the quartet Sneglefeber from Aarhus, Denmark. The band tunes in on the nerve of the lead-heavy blues-based rock where the bass is tuned down and dragging guitar riffs reigns. With inspiration from groups such as Neurosis and Sleep, Sneglefeber is not afraid of moving around in the more psychedelic and jamming corners of the doom and sludge-genre. The band fearlessly mixes the wild lyric expressions, known from the more traditional heavy metal, with spaced-out and melodic drone passages. Sneglefeber's debut album consists of four heavy and long tracks about everything from parasite possessions and delusions to addiction, cult-following, and misanthropy. The album is released on the label Korfirs Records, a label dedicated to Danish-produced releases in a wide range of different genres. The record is produced at Nordso Records in 150 copies on high-quality black vinyl with a full-color cover.


'THE OCCULT SIDE OF 70S BRITISH UNDERGROUND HARD ROCK'- Focusing on the heaviest, rawest and less known side of 70's UK hard psych, 'Electric Hellfire' rescues a bunch of mind blowing gems from obscure 7"s, and even long forgotten acetates, to present and amazing overview of the early '70s UK underground. With sounds ranging from Sabbath oriented hard rock to proto punk, to fuzzed out psych, 'Electric Hellfire' will blow the brains out of anyone interested in the early days of heavy music in general and the UK in particular, grab a copy and enjoy your brain being melted! SIDE 1: 1. Heatwave - 9-9-9 2. Camelot - Time Around Me 3. Shado - Evil City 4. Tonge - Looking at the World 5. Grind - Rip Off 6. Sardonicus - Nymph SIDE 2: 1. Yellow - The Hobo Song 2. Pony - I'm a Mover 3. Unicorn - Another World 4. Lucifer - Fuck You 5. Sioux - Warlove


For over a decade the name Vert:x was synonymous with driving, groove laden spacerock. Self-released CDRs and appearances on compilations from the likes of Drone Rock Records and Fruits de Mer culminated in the much lauded vinyl release of 'From Now To Now' (The Weird Beard label) - a veritable tour de force of krautrock inflected, psychedelic spacerock. It was at this point that band mainstay Neil Whitehead called a brief hiatus to rethink the band's direction. Thankfully this break was a short one and Whitehead returned with Mat Handley (Pulselovers) and Dave Millsop (XOND) in tow. This new trio bonded immediately and the initial result was 'Death To False Motorik' (The Weird Beard) - a huge, meaty album that beautifully showcased the band's new motorik direction. The 2020 album 'HED' builds on this... and then some! Right from the get-go with opener 'Glow In The Dark Codex' (complete with a guest appearance from Stephen Bradbury from Black Tempest on vocals) which wears its NEU!/Kraftwerk influences on its sleeves, the triumvirate of Whitehead (bass), Millsop (guitar) and Handley (electronics) draw the listener into a magical kosmische world in which Dinger and Rother are kings. 'Danaë' demonstrates a beautiful delicacy of touch while the closing bruiser of a track, 'Witch/Thief', goes from cosmic ambience to something huge and muscular over the course of 22 minutes. 'HED' is the work of musicians who are not only on top of their game but also students of music... they have created something authentic and yet original. Lovers of all thing motorik and kosmische will fall in love with this record.


Melbourne's Whoopie Cat brings music which is bluesy and soulful with bursts of heavier rock music and deep driving riffs accompanied by vocal harmonies. The songs on 'Illusion of Choice' lyrically reflect aspects of love, loss, transformation, psychedelics, political views, mental health and more. Musically the songs build and fall between bluesy riffs, heavy rock and gentle grooves. Comes on black and white vinyl.


Melbourne's Whoopie Cat brings music which is bluesy and soulful with bursts of heavier rock music and deep driving riffs accompanied by vocal harmonies. The songs on 'Illusion of Choice' lyrically reflect aspects of love, loss, transformation, psychedelics, political views, mental health and more. Musically the songs build and fall between bluesy riffs, heavy rock and gentle grooves. Comes on white vinyl.


A longtime dream has been to capture Yawning Man performing in the very environment that so inspired their music. The opportunity arose in 2020 from the challenges artists and musicians faced during the Covid-19 pandemic, social distancing forcing artists to creatively adapt to alternatives to express themselves musically and visually. Yawning Man 's answer to this calling is 'Live at Giant Rock'. This cinematic concert experience is intimately and beautifully captured by videographer Sam Grant in the environment that inspires Yawning Man's spacious, expansive and cinematic music. Filmed live in the early morning hours of May 18th, 2020 in the visually stunning and mysterious landscape of Giant Rock.




Dynamite Platoon comes from Sendai, Japan. These masked guys formed the band in 2013 and they have released a couple of albums, cassettes and (split-)singles on their own label. Soundflat presents ther 'The Fabulous Platoon' album on vinyl. Expect a lo-fi raw and explosive mix of crazy garage-punk with lots of energy and wildness! The album includes raw cover versions from The Eyes, Doris Day, Sam & Dave and Johnny Rivers.


15 tracks of rare, whacked out '50s and '60s weirdness. Says 14 tracks on sleeve but there's a hidden bonus track appearing on vinyl for the first time. From raw, primal rockabilly through to some stomping garage punk they were never mainstream hits but these cats really had a ghoulishly good time. Thrill to 'The Loch Ness Monster', run from 'The Sadist' and those 'Little Black Things', Take a ride with 'Satan's Chauffeur' or 'The Ghost Train' or just sit back and listen 'cos before you know it, you're gonna be 'Six Foot Under' anyway! TRACKS: TBA Pressed in a groovy vinyl that turns into a blood red splatter when exposed to light ! Ltd edition of 500 copies.




Named after the character from a Japanese mythology, a monster with two heads, comes Domo Komo. The band consists of two friends, Vincent Vauchez and Nick Wheeldon, who put together some musical pieces in a home studio. For fans of Sixteen Horsepower, Julian Cope and Nick Cave.




2020 EP by Bordeaux' own defenders of the d-beat faith with vicious female vocals.




'Pestilent Planet'is the debut 7 track album from Berlin's Clock Of Time and it's released a mere 8 months after they played their first gig. The band comes fully formed and up to speed but that is not surprising considering some of the members other projects such as Diat, Vexx and Useless Eaters. 'Pestilent Planet' is a stunning statement of intent. The sound is a driving mix of post punk like 'Jeopardy' era The Sound, and that classic '80s death rock that Vex and Arch Criminals perfected. It's instant and urgent especially tracks like 'Rotten Master' which has a fuller Joy Division-esque vibe especially in the skeletal guitar hook. It will be love on first listen. (Sean Forbes) Pestilent Planet comes housed in a sleeve drawn and designed by Nicky Rat.


Release date t.b.a. 'Narcotic' is perhaps one example of an album in both camps of the Muslimgauze spectrum, it denotes the expertise acquired in oriental percussion by Bryn Jones after a crescent development and practice through action, part tribal, part ambient with shades of texturized noise, glitch details and field recordings, as result the listener is inside this intoxicant atmosphere of exotic madness, where the basic musical premise constituted by the consistent tribal beats from darbukas and tambourines contrasting radically with the eerie sounds from organic noise, distortions and minimal jams. Previously released as CD ('Narcotic' STCD122, and 'Iran' STCD001). Limited to 1000 copies.


Founded 1995 in London by Austrian trumpeter and band leader Franz Hautzinger as an ensemble for experimental music, the project developed over the years into a mixed style fusion band. Various musicians like Fennesz, Tony Buck, Otomo Yoshihide, Burkhard Stangl, Oren Ambarchi, Martin Siewert and others were part of this long-time and often changing project. Strongly influenced by the electronic music genres of the 1990s, the band developed its specific "Regenorchester Sound" - vigorously pulsating, continuously evolving sound structures with electric guitar power and strong brass melodies based on pushing rhythms. 'Relics' was recorded live at the Klangspuren Schwaz festival in 2019. Franz Hautzinger: quarter tone trumpet, Christian Fennesz: guitar, laptop, Otomo Yoshihide: guitar, turntables, electronic devices, Luc Ex: bass, Tony Buck: drums, percussion.


Reissue of 1999 album from widely known legendary drummer/percussionist of Dead Can Dance and This Mortal Coil. First time on vinyl. Fans of 4AD label, Dead Can Dance, Hector Zazou and Cocteau Twins should take note. Excellent sound and studio remastering by Martin Bowes (Attrition), taken from the original masters. Comes on black vinyl in heavy covers and with printed inner sleeve. 'Pathways And Dawns' is packed with driving rhythms and meditative ritual patterns of percussion. With some inspired guitar-work, arrangement and production from DCD mastermind Brendan Perry, the result is a pure delight... The album was recorded in two parts, the first in England in 1990, and the second after a long time break in 1996-97, by Brendan Perry at DCD's Quivvy Church studio in Ireland. The album was released on CD in 1999 on the US label Projekt and was dubbed by critics as "the album the Beatles might have made had the group signed with 4AD instead of Capitol" and "a wonderful collection of songs that, while in the 4AD school, shimmers with an inner lightness that makes it very different".


'A GUID FOR BEGINNERS - THE VOICE OF SILVER/A GUIDE FOR FINISHERS - A HAIR OF GOLD' - Out of print on CD for almost two decades, Cold Spring are proud to announce the official reissue of a much sought after 'Best Of' set by the acclaimed esoteric experimental pioneers Coil, with 'A Guide For Beginners - The Voice Of Silver' and 'A Guide For Finishers - A Hair Of Gold' being made available together in one deluxe set. Officially licensed from Feelee, this edition spans Coil's entire career, featuring tracks from all their major albums. They were hand-picked by Coil to represent their best work and originally released to mark their first performance in Moscow in 2001. The artwork (text in English and Russian/Cyrillic) sympathetically features the rarest of the images previously used in the original Russian and English editions and is packaged in a deluxe, glossy 8-panel digipak with spot matt-laminate varnish.




Dead Sleep release the follow-up to their highly acclaimed debut album. 'Naked Tyrant' offers ten tracks of furious old school thrash metal, taking inspiration from both hardcore punk and the british heavy metal legacy. Produced by Ulf Blomberg and mastered by Joel Grind from Toxic Holocaust.


'MUJERES EN EL UNDERGROUND METALICO ESPAÑOL (82-91)' - Shining a light on women's role in the '80s hard rock scene in Spain, 'Ellas Son Eléctricas' comes filled to the rafters with kick ass Spanish metal, hard rock, AOR or thrash, reviewing the story of unfairly ignored ladies of Spanish metal. Most of these songs see a vinyl release for the very first time (only Malena Y Belcebu's song had previously been released), coming straight from obscure demos. Comes with an extensive 32 pages booklet with plenty of photos, reviews, bios and other awesome shit. SIDE 1: 1. Malena Y Belcebu - Destruccion (1982) 2. Huracan - Huracan (1983) 3. Neurosis - Sobredosis (1983) 4. Casandra - Dejadle Ser Libre (1990) 5. Amnesia - Wild Side (1991) SIDE 2: 1. Mole - Alta Sociedad (1984) 2. Pleyade - Reacciona (1985) 3. Lazy - Twice the Speed of Light (1989) 4. Yin Yang - Shout loud (1988) 5. War - Sin Acción (1989) 6. Viuda Negra - Mis Noches Tienen R'n'R (1983)


Filthy guitar tones coupled with crashing percussion enhanced by an array of weird and wonderful sampled sound effects over which sinister vocals are croaked, rasped and screamed.


Deluxe reissue of the doom classic '(((I'm Heroin)))' from Argentinian sludge lords Mephistofeles. Featuring new artwork from The Wizard of Meth and three extra studio out takes from the original sessions.


Reissue of 1979 Louisiana hard rock meets metal classic and collector's item with a sound inspired by Thin Lizzy, UFO, Led Zeppelin and Judas Priest, highlighted by the outstanding guitars of Pat O'Hara and Paul Restovich! Includes bonus non-LP cut! This group later evolved into the Christian heavy metal group Philadelphia, who released 2 albums. Finally available again after over a decade, now on the Rockadrome label. This was originally released on their own label in 1979. Digipak with 4-panel insert with liner notes, lyrics and photos.




From Mille Plateaux to Leaf, Staubgold and Raster-Noton, ~scape, among others, or on his own label Ripatti, the Finnish artist Sasu Ripatti aka Vladislav Delay has been exploring various iterations of the 'dub culture vs. electronica', since 1997. His sonic crafts and unique signature sound has been sought after by an eclectic range of bands and artists, ranging from Massive Attack, Hauschka, Black Dice, Autopoieses, Animal Collective or AGF. Somewhere between the old-school electronica culture, the soundscaping, the experimental paths of Lee Perry and Adrian Sherwood, ghostly clubbing anthems, minimalism, pop, jazz, without being influenced, Vladislav Delay is building a drifting and coherent sound enigma. Vladislav Delay met Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare (the most prolific Jamaican rhythm section and production duo) thanks to a series of jam sessions. Trumpet player Nils-Petter Molvaer had been asked by the Jamaicans to join them and he invited Delay alongside guitar player Eivind Aarset to tag along, which eventually turned into the Nordub project. The result of these jam sessions turned into an album, mixed and mostly produced by Vladislav Delay, released on the label Okeh. It was also followed by an extensive series of live dates. This one-shot reunion was the beginning of another story: a trio composed by Delay, Dunbar and Shakespeare. In January 2019, Vladislav Delay went to Kingston and spent some days at The Anchor studios, to record drums and bass with S&R, some voice takes and a series of atmospheric field recordings. Back to Finland, Delay started to experiment with this precious material, mixing and overdubbing, in the comfort and quiet of his studio, based on the island of Hailuoto, Baltic Sea, Northern Finland, giving another feeling to the Jamaican trip. This became a tribute to the 'dub spirit', but in a very personal way, far beyond any influence or "the obvious". '500-Push-Up' is two worlds collapsing, merging, also showing some intriguing approach of the Jamaican groove, used as a filigree, like the echo or the ghost of reggae, converging and conversing with a post-industrial and experimental approach. To file beside experiments - for instance - such as 'Scientist Rids The World Of The Evil Curse Of The Vampires' or the On U-Sound productions.




The second volume of this Jamaican doo wop and R&B series with tracks from the late '50s and early '60s. These records represent a period in which soundsystems were just starting to dominate the island, with Duke Reid and Sir Coxsone stepping up their rivalry by beginning to make and release their own records rather than rely on US imports for use in their dances. Many of these records are definitely more-or-less imitations of the American records, as the uniquely Jamaican ska sound was yet to take hold - however many of the future stars of ska, rocksteady and reggae were beginning to cut their teeth in the industry on these records, including Prince Buster, Derrick Harriott and more, and provide a unique view into the fledgling independent record industry culture in Jamaica that would prove to be unbelievably proflific and unparalleled for an island of it's size. TRACKS: 01. Lloyd Clark Smithie's Sextet - Now I Know The Reason 02. The Charmers & Prince Buster - Now You Want To Cry 03. The Rhythm Aces & The Caribs - A Thousand Teardrops 04. Jiving Juniors - Have Faith In Me 05. Chuck & Dobby - Love My Teacher 06. The Blues Busters - Call Your Name Forever 07. The Echoes & Celestials - I Love You Forever 08. Wilfred Jackie Edwards - Hear My Cry 09. Jiving Juniors - Valerie 10. The Magic Notes - Why Did You Leave Me 11. Rupert Edwards - Guilty Convict 12. Keith & Enid - Worried Over You 13. The Moonlighters - Julie 14. Higgs & Wilson - How Can I Be Sure


'La Locura De Machuca' is the story of one man's bizarre odyssey into Colombia's coastal music underground, and the wild, hypnotic sounds he helped bring up to the surface. One night in 1975, a successful tax lawyer named Rafael Machuca had his mind blown in Barranquilla's Plaza de los Musicos. Overnight he went from a high ranking position in the Columbian revenue authority to visionary production guru of the newly formed record label that bore his name, Discos Machuca, and for the next six years he devoted his life to releasing some of the strangest, most experimental Afro Psychedelia Cumbia and Champeta ever produced. The Colombian music industry was thriving in the mid-seventies, but while homegrown bolero and vallenato tunes were doing well on the charts, it was imported African records that were setting crowds on fire at the picos - the sound-systems that fuelled neighbourhood parties - and wherever those records were played there were always a handful of groups who were inspired to plug traditional Cumbia directly into the electric currents coming from across the Atlantic. It was these obscure bands, who fused Colombian and African rhythms with the swirling organs and psychedelic guitars of underground rock, that fired Machuca's imagination. While the label made its money releasing popular hits by legends such as Alejandro Dura'n and Ani'bal Vela'squez, that money was poured back into a unique run of experimental releases by fringe artists such as La Banda Africana, King Somalie, Conjunto Barbacoa, and Abelar do Carbono, one of the godfathers of Champeta Criolla. When Machuca couldn't find groups to realise his particular vision, he simply created them himself. Drawing on a fearsome roster of musicians associated with the label, he assembled bands that lasted only as long as it took to record an album, and unleashed the results - complete with arrestingly unusual album covers - under a series of different names such as Samba Negra or El Grupo Folclórico. This unorthodox approach led his longtime recording engineer, Eduardo Dávila, to describe Machuca's productions as the "B-Movies of Colombian music." The story of Doctor Machuca and his eccentric exploits tells of one of Colombia's most atypical and peculiar record companies; a defining pillar of Afro-Caribbean psychedelia. His productions have come to represent the roots of Champeta and set the pedigree standards for Afro and Costeño avant-garde. The seventeen tracks on 'La Locura De Machuca', harvested from the darkest, strangest corners of the Discos Machuca catalogue, sound like little else recorded before or since. TRACKS: 01. Samba Negra - Eberebijara 03:30 02. King Somalie - Monkey 's Dance 03:31 03. El Grupo Folclórico - Tamba 03:18 04. Los Viajeros Siderales - El Campanero 05. Rio Latino - Ayu 06. Aníbal Velásquez - La Mazamorra Del Diablo 07. La Francachela - Mosquita Muerta 08. El Grupo Folclórico - Juipiti 09. King Somalie - Le Mongui 10. El Grupo Folclórico - El Tornillito 11. Samba Negra - Long Life Africa 12. La Banda Africana - Te Clavo La... Mano 13. Myrian Makenwa - El Platano 14. El Grupo Folclórico - Tucutru 15. Grupo Bola Roja - Caracol 16. El Grupo D'Abelard - Otro Perro Con Ese Hueso 17. Conjunto Barbacoa - Wabali




'Wild Boy' is a reissue of the well-known 2016 release curated by Brian Chidester, renowned researcher and biographer of Eden Ahbez. Especially for this album, Brian wrote an interesting text about Ahbez's life, which definitely became the decoration of the release. With this 2020 re-release, the Ebalunga!!! label went a little further and kept what is commonly referred to as studio cuts. It's a few more minutes in the studio with Ahbez himself, full of emotion and life. In addition, to the delight of fans, the edition includes an additional composition 'Nature Boy' (Mantovani Orchestra). Especially, it is worth noting the outstanding mastering prepared from practically decomposed tapes by the Grammy-nominated Jessica Thompson, which guarantees the deepest and warmth possible sound. Jessica a huge Ahbez fan and the label highly appreciated for what she has done to save his music for the future. Eden Ahbez is definitely at the origin of psychedelic music and this release can be taken as further proof. Over the past twenty years, the iconic figure of the world's first hippie Eden Ahbez has become famous primarily for his 1948 song 'Nature Boy', praising universal love, and his amazingly solo album from the 1960s called 'Eden's Island' - one from the first concept albums in the history of music and probably the first psychedelic music album. 'Wild Boy: The Lost Songs Of Eden Ahbez' deepens understanding of the origins of the psychedelic movement in the 1950s. The disc contains a musical selection of works by Eden Ahbez himself, written by him in the period after 'Nature Boy'. The inclusion of songs such as 'Palm Springs' by Ray Anthony Orchestra and 'Hey Jacques' by Eartha Kitt gives the listener the chance to discover for the first time the little-known recordings of world-famous artists composed by Eden Ahbez. Through 'Wild Boy' and 'Surfer John' you can hear the author's handling of absurd rock and exotic experimentation, as well as sweet psychedelic pop like Monterey (with Paul Horn on flute). Overall, 'Wild Boy: The Lost Songs Of Eden Ahbez' offers an overview of the lost works of 1949-1971 with seven unpublished recordings and eight rare singles. If in 2020 you are missing the hallucinogenic content in Eden Ahbez, it amazingly makes up for that deficiency with simple chords, expansive arrangements, and lyrics about travel, relaxation, free love, and spirituality. Thus creating the standard of psychedelic music. Eden Ahbez's songs weren't only fantasy and his personal philosophy was the real thing that he lived.



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