12" (12"/10" Single)

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Label: 6DUB

Release date: 15/12/2008


Catalog no.: 6DUB0000001

Item ID: 322014

6Blocc drops some heavyweight science from his secret stash of personal dubs. Soundsystem-tested by the man himself, and sought after by scenesters the world over, these four tracks have already been out and in high demand via his Digital 6 label on download only, but now heres your chance to grab them (some in re-versioned form) on limited vinyl release. Each cut resonates with the trademark 6Blocc badboy bass quake and dirty ragga junglist influences. Boom is all about a monstrous kick drum thud and none-more-massive jumping sub-bass, flavoured with raw-throated emcee call outs. Buddy Buddy winds up the dance like The Bug in timestretched vengeful mood on a heavy steppah rhythm and stomping pneumatic bassline. Shine U Gun Remix is a thoroughly corrupted and abused interpretation of rootical dancehall, and one that could easily find part-time work in the demolition business. Finally, The Burning Dub is a dubstep devastator that will reduce even the most armour-plated rig to smouldering wreckage.


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