9.30 FLY - 9.30 FLY (GER)

9.30 FLY - 9.30 FLY (GER)

LP (12"/10" Album)

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Label: EMBER

Release date: 03/02/2012


Catalog no.: NR0005062

Item ID: 368197

This UK group with the curious name recorded this album at the beginning in 1972. Wonderful psychedelic folk rock with prog influences. All the songs are dominated by the harmony of the voices of Michael Wainwright and his wife Barbara. Originals are very rare.

Also available: 9.30 FLY (SPAIN) (LP).


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9.30 FLY - 9.30 FLY (SPAIN)

9.30 FLY - 9.30 FLY (SPAIN)

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Classic harp blues rocker.



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