10" (10" Single/EP)

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Release date: 15/07/2012

Barcode: 7041881382017

Catalog no.: JANSEN0000020

Item ID: 373824

Limited edition 500 copies white vinyl!! Wind is a talented psychedelic rock band consisting of Filip Ramberg, Martin van Houtum and Fredrik Severin. A trinity of close friends that share a vision of sound. A sound that is raw and unpolished, with more than enough of neverending drumrolls, spaced out guitarlicks and organic bass. Wind are inspired by the psychedelic rock of the 60s, folk music from the East and spiritual jazz - some points of reference can be Amon Duul, Alice Coltrane and Trad Gras ch Stenar. Wind has built an excellent reputation as a live act, and their sets often consist of songs that start off in one place, and, with improvisation, never end the same way. Still, they always sound focused and determined. The 10" EP Sleep consists of two brilliant psychedelic tunes that were improvised in the studio, and are in many ways a product of listening to the band live. The EP was recorded at Studio Klinsj, and produced by Ask Fredrik Berg.


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