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Release date: 31/03/2017

Barcode: 2090504447225

Catalog no.: ND0000002

Item ID: 444722

Firyuza was an instrumental Turkmenian ethnic/prog/jazz/fusion band, founded in 1979 in the USSR. The group won the first prize at the sixth All-Union Entertainers Competition in Leningrad, thus gaining the privilege of releasing an album on the Melodiya label. The resulting eponymous work blends improvised prog-rock, psychedelic jazz/rock and funk fusion with strong ethnic flavors. The seven members imitated sounds of traditional Turkmen instruments, such as dutar, dili tuiduk, and g'ijjak, on regular keyboards, guitars, saxophone, flute, and violin. Original copies in decent condition are very rare nowadays, bumping the price up to $500-600 and making Firyuza one of the "holy grails" of Soviet psych jazz from Central Asia, together with the Gunesh and Dos-Mukasan LP's. This awaited reissue edition is limited to 300 copies. Originally released in 1979.


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