7" (7" Single/EP)

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Label: S'PLAT!

Release date: 20/06/2018

Barcode: 2090504638821

Catalog no.: SPLT70000001

Item ID: 463882

S'plat Records is proud to present on its inaugural 45 RPM vinyl release, the debut of a major talent: soul singer GERVIS MYLES. Gervis kept his talent under wraps for most of his career as a Conservation Warden for the Department of Natural Resources. Producer and composer Danny Zelonky saw him performing in a Milwaukee club and immediately knew he'd found a truly great singer. The two began working on material and the first fruits of their labors are presented on this single, 'Element Of Love,' which laments a love (and perhaps a world) gone cold. Backed by Andrew Spadofora (saxophones), John Paul Simons (bass), Brian Rogers (piano), Dave Schoepke (drums) and Zelonky himself on guitar, Gervis tears into the dramatic song; His moans, shouts, falsetto outbursts and hard-edged delivery bring an emotional depth and intensity that builds throughout the song, reaching a crecendo by the final chorus which conveys both pain and ecstatic release. The B side, 'I'm Thirsty,' is a rhythm and blues stomp about drinking away those "woman troubles." Standout piano work from Rogers and a blistering solo by Spadafora in addition to the raw vocal performance make for solid entertainment. On a jukebox, this tune will sell drinks!

The analog recording, produced using period equipment at Zelonky's National Recording studio in Milwaukee, has an authentic, thick and warm texture which serves as an ideal vehicle to present Gervis Myles to a worldwide audience.


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