LP (12"/10" Album)

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Release date: 12/07/2019

Barcode: 4251648413202

Catalog no.: SQM0000002

Item ID: 481790

With seemingly effortless precision and a sense for the imperfect, Popp merges ambient and minimal music on his debut album 'Laya'. Popp created these eight tracks from hours of improvisation in his own studio. The moments thus captured were then enriched with more sounds and effects to add layers and shed the manually played percussion. The result is an album of concealed complexity and unadorned beauty. Originally from Bavaria in Germany, Simon Popp extensively studied African music from countries like Togo, Ghana and Benin where rhythm is central to musical culture. Popp collected and recorded a wide variety of drums and other instruments, which formed the basis for this album. Comes on 180 gram vinyl including download code.


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Munich quintet Fazer's second album. Moving freely between composition and improvisation, the band's spacious, organic sound pitches lyrical melodies from guitar and trumpet over double drums polyrhythmic grooves and dub-like basslines. Comes on 180 gram vinyl.



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