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Release date: 17/12/2019

Barcode: 2090504882330

Catalog no.: LSMT0000002

Item ID: 488233

The legendary, previously unreleased album from 1968 by The Frantics, issued on vinyl for the first time! Probably the greatest lost US psychedelic album ever! The Frantics formed in Billings, Montana in 1964. They played all over Montana and in 1966 they toured with The Yardbirds. In early 1968, they entered Norman Petty Studios with the first session for a full length album project. No band that recorded at the 7th Street Studio, previously or afterwards, would have a heavier, psychedelic sound than this 6 piece group. Now basing themselves out of Colorado, they made a name for themselves with performances in the area and returned late in the year to finish their recordings. It was an entirely new style of music being introduced to Norman Petty. What Norman excelled at was creativity in the studio, and constantly striving for something different. What we are left with is an album that pushed boundaries as much as any other record at the time. 1968 was already an incredible year for music in arguably the most creative decade in rock. 'Birth' would have fit nicely among the best of the day and would have been worthy company. As fate would have it, the band moved to California and hooked up with new management and began recording for a local label, abandoning their Clovis recordings that have remained in the Petty audio vault for 50 years. Lost Sounds Montana presents the album in the original Norman Petty mono mix from the 4-track session tapes which included sound effects between each track that was meant to be a non-stop mind-expanding and ear-splitting experience.


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