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Label: OWL

Release date: 15/10/2009


Catalog no.: OWL0000901

Item ID: 335519

Chrysalis is the welcome back album for Paola Tagliaferro, a singer who bravely turned from easy listening and fusion to pure avantgarde. Chrysalis is still a song based work, but soundscapes, mediterranean perfumes, arabic suggestions as well as indian moods and ragas are here to dramatically seduce the
listener. Chrysalis is going to lead you deep into an amazing journey where poetry and music develop real and sound and word sculptures. "Poem To a Blue Painting" written by Max and Paola together with English poet Pete Sinfield (who was the poet of King Crimson and Emerson, Lake & Palmer) is a breathtaking
experience. There are some hindi stories like haunting "Princess Sakuntala", a love story with happy ending and lots of tablas and sitars, "A Mint Tea" is a revised view of the seven veils dance, with erotic lyrics underscored by heavy bass riffing and oud ostinatos. "When Eros Sleeps" is an arcadic view, full of Stephane Mallarm suggestions and a very special.... medieval ghost track is here. However, the music of Chrysalis is full of late seventies analog electronic flavours, with reminiscences of Tuxedomoon, The Residents of "Not Available", Nosferatus Popol Vuh and, of course, King Crimsons
Islands pathos. Music is played on several instruments by polistrumentalist Max Marchini, simply overlayered by Paolas
dramatic vocal interpretations.


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