Johnson, Jay Jesse

Strange Imagination

"Strange Imagination", the excellent debut studio solo disc from blues/rock stratmaster JAY JESSE JOHNSON, features 11 tracks (56 minutes) of bad-ass, killer Hendrix-inspired bluesy heavy guitar power trio riffage that will rock your jam house hard. Its time for fans of Hendrix, Trower & Frank Marino to rejoice and raise their heavy guitar freak flags high because "Strange Imagination" delivers. Jay Jesse Johnson is an awesome, bluesy heavy guitar axeripper who hails from Connecticut, USA. One of the best obscure players we have heard in a long time. The man is a seasoned veteran on the guitar who plays with style, class and authority as he lays down serious Hendrix-ian stratocaster bliss on the "Strange Imagination" disc. Johnsons approach to his outstanding riffage is direct and has a timeless "old school" heavy guitar quality with a vast array of pure tones and soul-powered earthy beauty that he pulls from his axe with ease. The songs are strong & solid throughout the "Strange Imagination" disc and Jay Jesse Johnsons guitar playing will satisify even the most hard-core lead guitar freaks. Johnsons killer leads are structured works of heavy guitar art on each track as he manipulates his guitar like a true master of the instrument into a contolled bluesy heavy guitar frenzy. This is our number one policy @ the Grooveyard and Jay Jesse Johnson wont let you down on the excellent "Strange Imagination" disc. The JAY JESSE JOHNSON: "Strange Imagination" disc is Highly recommended to fans of HENDRIX, TROWER, FRANK MARINO, SRV, ERIC GALES, LANCE LOPEZ, RANDY HANSEN, STEVIE SALAS, RICHIE KOTZEN, JOE BONAMASSA, CRAIG ERICKSON, BUDDAHEADS, CLAS YNGSTROM & SKY HIGH and other bad-ass, killer bluesy heavy guitar axerippers who reside on the 3rd stone from the sun. If you heavily dig outstanding, world-class Hendrix-inspired guitar riffage and pure strat magic, tune into Jay Jesse Johnson on the excellent "Strange Imagination" disc. You'll be glad you did.

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