Liv Pa Jorden

Blomkraftens Frukt

Deluxe limited edition 499 copies only worldwide. LIFE ON EARTH! BECOME PROVINCIAL! By public demand Life on Earth! releases the live favorite Blomkraftens Frukt (Flower Powers Fruit) as a single on February 13, 2010! 2009 was an eventful year for Life on Earth! with the release of A Space Water Loop and two trips to the U.S. and fine gigs in cities like Portland, New York and Brooklyn, and odd places like the cowboy/artist town of Marfa, Texas and under the red wood-trees at the classic Henry Miller Library in Big Sur, California. But the stone rolls on, and now we will release a single to chart new directions, for a while, we become LIV PA JORDEN! On February 13 we release the hedonistic crowd pleaser lomkraftens Frukt. Digitally, of course, but also as an exclusive vinyl singles in only 499 copies. And since we go from English to our beloved mother tongue; Swedish with this release, we also see it fit to engrave the social realistic self-employed anthem Knegareliv on the flip. But thats not all! As an extra bonus, we are also add the story of Harald Harfaste and Hassan-i Sabbah. This triple combo of songs can illuminate the darkest corners of the winter. Perfect both at the late winters party starters as well as the club's dance floor, but also as a comfort for the hung-over afternoons endless brooding or if the week seems too long and boring.

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