Matoub, Lounes

Lettre Ouverte Aux... (2lp)

"Love, kindness and sincerity characterized his life and his work. He was a man, a rebel and a poet, all at the same time. He served art through his poetic and musical virtuosity, and through his art, he served the struggle of his people for survival: Imi d-luley d aqbayli, isem-iw imenyi (in Kabyle since he was born Kabyle: "They call me struggle"). After many brushes with death, he always came back with more vigorous, courageous and sensitive to the world. He was a legend in his lifetime and people thought he was immortal. However, on June 25, 1998, during his final battle, Lounès Matoub was assassinated. But he died with dignity, standing straight, heroic, weapon in hand." (Nadia Matoub). In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of his assassination, Elmir offers the very first vinyl edition of the reference album 'Lettre Ouverte Aux...'; enriched with a 28-page booklet including biographical elements, the transcription of the poems and their analysis, as well as archival photos and facsimiles that suggest to the listener a complete immersion in one of the poet's masterpieces. An emblematic album that testifies to the immense talent of Matoub Lounès, his sensitivity and his commitment to the Berber cause. An essential document that invites you to (re)discover the work of one of the greatest figures of Kabyle music.

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