Megarbane, Charif


Habibi Funk is excited to share 'Marzipan,' their first full length contemporary release courtesy of Beirut's multi-instrumental producer phenomenon Charif Megarbane. The CD is a journey into Charif's styling, one he terms "Lebrary": a vision of Lebanon and the Mediterranean expressed via the prismatic sonics of library music. Drawing influence from artists that encapsulates the Habibi Funk sound such as Ziad Rahbani, Ahmed Malek and Issam Hajali, Charif translates these influences into a CD that is equally at home in '23. Following his previous (digital) release of the EP 'Tayara Warak' in 2022, 'Marzipan' is a sonic journey that seeks to capture the full scope of Charif Megarbane's habitus in 17 tracks. As a composer and producer, Megarbane touts hugely versatile, sometimes volatile musicianship... his 100+ catalogue of projects (including groups like the Cosmic Analog Ensemble, the Free Association Syndicate, Monumental Detail, etc.) features a huge domain of sonic direction. This collection was previously developed in Megarbane's own Hisstology which hosts a wealth of collaborative efforts. Now, Habibi Funk represents Megarbane under his own name. Megarbane finds a sonic through-line in his surrounding soundscapes as he draws on the chaotic energy of the crowded Beirut metropolis ('Souk El Ahad'), the warm atmosphere of the Lebanese countryside ('Chez Mounir'), or the lushness of a Mediterranean beach resort ('Portemilio'). Reflecting the aural composition of his direct surroundings into kaleidoscopic instrumentation provides a unique insight into how one musical phenomenon transposes sight into sound.

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