Le Flash Boum! Beat (+cd)

'A COLLECTION OF FRENCH SINGING 60'S DYNAMITE BEATS'- Time ticks by and strangely enough, the Jukebox Music Factory has never before focused on Francophone singers and groups! Compiling a new quality tracklisting - when so many other (often excellent) compilations have already been produced - represents no small challenge. And yet our ol' pal El Vidocq has somehow pulled it off, limiting his prospecting to France, Belgium and Canada to unearth a selection of real nuggets. As usual, the convivial disc jockey has favored danse-inducing, out-of-the-ordinary tunes, while yet steering clear of the simply strange or anecdotal... This album combines rock, jerk and froggy yé-yé, with eminently cinematographic instrumentals. Certain songs are astonishingly modern, while others are simply outrageous. Gaston's reply to Nino Ferrer. The addictions of José Salcy. Cléo evoking the '60s lifestyle, and Annie Duparc the changing society. Tao settles his parental scores, while Christian Gaubert and Claude Bolling masterfully direct their ensembles, on a level with the world's greatest orchestras! Once again, and it's no surprise, not a drop of ennui taints this fun and groovy album, packed full with talented musicians, many forgotten but here happily rediscovered. SIDE 1: 1. Jean-Paul Mauric - Flash 2. Cléo - On Court 3. Les Sharks - Méfie-Toi Du H. Bourill 4. Tao-By - Tao-By 5. Gaston - Allo Ici Gaston 6. Trio Brasseur - Glip Glap 7. José Salcy - Je Bois Trop 8. Les Gardians - Et Qu'est Ce Que Tu Crois SIDE 2: 1. Claude Bolling Et Son Orchestre - Snap Party 2. Gilles et Dominique - Ça M'est Egal 3. Thierry Vincent - Dis Moi Pourquoi Tu Refuses 4. Les Mystics - Mon Père Est Millionaire 5. Les Venétes - Tout Est Simple 6. Henri Genés et Jean Lefevre - Les Minets De La Plage 7. Annie Duparc - Mon Homme A Les Cheveux Longs

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