The Soul Of Congo (3cd+book)

'TREASURES OF THE NGOMA LABEL (1948-1963)' - Planet Ilunga, the Brussels-based publisher has, since 2013, produced a series of recordings dedicated to the history of Congolese popular music from artists like Franco & OK Jazz, Docteur Nico, Orchestre Rock-a-Mambo and Joseph Kabasele & African Jazz. For its tenth release and in celebration of its tenth anniversary, the label launches with 'The Soul Of Congo,' its most ambitious project to date: a well-documented and extensive anthology about the illustrious and legendary Congolese music label Ngoma. 'The Soul Of Congo' is a compilation that spans the years from 1948 to 1963 as the Belgian Congo emerged from colonial subjugation into the first flower of Independence. Singers and players came to Congo's capital Léopoldville, from all over Central Africa - from the streets of Brazzaville on the opposite shore of the Congo river to the vast plateau of Mbanza Congo in Angola, from the mineral rich areas of Lubumbashi (Elizabethville) in the Deep South to the lively docks of Kisangani (Stanleyville) in the northeast, from the rocky wastes of Mbandaka (Coquilhatville) in the West to the majestic forests of Bukavu (Costermansville) in the East. Léopoldville became a cauldron of musical syncretism between the African rhythms that arrived with these musicians and the European, Caribbean and Cuban tunes that were popular in the big city. The new sounds were recorded for one of the big five Congo labels: Opika, Loningisa, Esengo, Olympia or Ngoma. None of the other Congolese labels better showcased the energy, variety and spirit of this era than the Ngoma label. The label was founded by the Greek Nicolas Jéronimidis in 1948. After his early death in 1951, it was further developed by Nikis Cavvadias and Alexandros Jéronimidis. During its existence, from 1948 until 1971, Ngoma made over 4500 recordings, creating a crucial cultural legacy. Now with Unesco declaring Congolese rumba as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity as of December 2021, it is fitting they are restored to the ears of the world. Includes tracks by G. Edouard na M. Oliveira, Kabangu Raphaël na Groupe Rythmique Ngoma, Trio BOW na Groupe Rythmique Ngoma, De Saïo, Léon Bukasa, Tino Baroza, Khim Valentino et L'Orchestre Dynamic Jazz, Charles Lembe & Son Orchestre, Groupe De Flûtistes Bayeke Lulua Jazz and many others. 3CD box set with 116-page booklet.

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