Wild Paarty Sound, Vol. 1

First volume - though the 2nd never happened - of this ongoing collaboration between post-punk stalwarts Cherry Red and home of the western dub On-U Sound. Adrian Sherwood obviously sitting behind the desk and a cast of marvelous artists leading the way for a reggae renaissance. Stolen and contaminated songs, we may take this as a reference point for 12 unreleased tracks showing the best of the UK underground rhythms. A further development of the Jamaican heritage, with handmade electronics and a forward thinking production. Mothmen's 'Afghani Dub' is one of the leading tracks here, with future members of Durutti Column and Simply Red on board, this is a mystical post-industrial trip through upbeat rhythms. Along the way you'll find the over the top vocal performance of Judy Nylon - more akin to certain no wave expressionism - futuristic vibes from Sun Of Arqa, contribution from New Age Steppers supergroup and Creation Rebel teaming up with the so-called Jamaican 'Voice of Thunder' Prince Far I. All in all a (natural) mystic experience. Fully remastered and licensed, limited to 500 copies on 180 gr vinyl. SIDE 1: 1. Jah Woosh - Woodpecker Sound 2. Machine Gun Hogg & Co. - Bed Bound Saga 3. Prince Far I & Creation Rebel - Quanté Giubila 4. The Chicken Granny - Quit The Body 5. Alan Pellay - Parasitic Machine 6. London Underground - Dreams Are Better SIDE 2: 1. Suns Of Arqa - Asian Rebel 2. Alan Pellay - Demonic Forces 3. The Mothmen - Afghani Dub 4. Jeb Loy & The il Wells - Things that Made U.S. 5. New Age Steppers - Yipee I Aah 6. Judy Nylon - The Dice

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