Yabuki, Shiho

The Body Is A Message From The Universe

Reissue of this rare and unusually dreamy electronic ambient new age album. Originally created and released in a small edition in Japan back in 1987 by the mysterious musician/magician Shiho. 'The Body Is A Message Of The Universe' features floating shimmering synthesizer textures. It's unique and extra ordinarily serene with shifting tone colors and spatial textures bringing the listener to a special magic place. Although Shiho Yabuki continued her career in Japan, both as a musician and magician and became a pioneer of healing music in Asia, for most western listeners it was like Shiho was one of those mysterious artists who puts out an album and then is never heard from again. This is unfortunate, and something Subliminal Sounds hope to rectify. This release also features a couple of special tracks originally composed and recorded by Shiho in the late 1980s for the Japanese Kanebo Beauty Research Laboratory. SIDE 1: 1. Tomoshibi 2. Samadhi 3. Winterland SIDE 2: 1. Tenshingoso (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water And Spirit) 2. Forestland 3. Tawamure/Cosmic Dance 4. Energy Flow/Ki Ko Nagare (The Way Of The Energy Flow)

LP - 1 disk
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